Hot on the heels of sharing a fantastic illustration of the plot of Mad Max:Fury Road told in the style of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, we’ve discovered a whole awesome series of illustrations depicting a variety of pop culture icons in the style of ancient hieroglyphs. From Star Wars and Star Trek to all sorts of superheroes, Futurama, the Ghostbusters, and many more, they’re called Hero-Glyphics and they’re the work of freelance designer and illustrator Josh Ln.

Click here to view the entire Hero-Glyphics series. Prints of each piece (as well as t-shirts, tote bags, and more) are available via Josh Ln’s Society6 shop.

You can check out more of Josh Lane’s work on his website.

[via Robot 6]


Glyphics: Type Shop

I was passing the shop front of the master sign makers today and noticed a change in their window: They are opening a shop selling vintage and prototype letters.

I’d commissioned a sign from them a number of years ago and owner Tim Heppell was excited to show a fellow enthusiast around their workshops. They love type and have been collection a diverse range for a while. They now have enough letters to fill a few showrooms. There’s everything from original brass letters, decorative wooden letters, perspex, concrete and glass.

Tim’s farther, Brian who co-owns the firm was originally a typesetter and at the age of 15 won an apprenticeship with the Times newspaper under the management of none other than Stanley Morrison. Brian’s career has spanned the whole gamut of typesetting technology. I’ll be caching up with them again soon so more to follow. Gliphics: 75 Leonard Street, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 4QS