DIY Ice Queen Masquerade Mask Tutorial from Klaire de Lys. This masquerade mask is made out of glue (from a glue gun), rhinestones and nail polish. It’s from an easy to follow video tutorial under 4:30 minutes. I normally don’t post video tutorials but her blog and YouTube channel are amazing for makeup tutorials.


He leaned across the gearshift toward her, pressing fingers to the place her collarbone was exposed. His breath was hot on her neck.
Gansey, she warned, but she felt unstable and dangerous.
I just want to pretend, Gansey said, the words misting on her skin. I want to pretend that I could.
The Blue in the vision closed her eyes.
Maybe it wouldn’t hurt if I kiss you, he said. Maybe it’s only if you kiss me.


- Tell that little girl she’s ugly.

- I don’t want to.

-Tell that little girl she’s an embarrassment and worthless and useless. Because that’s what you do every single day when you say that to yourself.

Well, Don’t you think she’s ugly?

- No.

- No? Or fat?

- No.

- No? Or an embarrassment? Or horrible or worthless?

- Just stop it! No!

- Want do you want to say to that little girl?

-That she’s fine. That she’s perfect.

Then that’s what you need to tell yourself.