This is probably my favourite video on the internet… (Its only 30 seconds!)

GloZell shows why cultural representation is so important without really meaning too. 


This song is very powerful, and I think everyone should listen to it.

Todrick Hall (Feat. Jordin Sparks) - Water Guns


“Thank you Auntie @gracehelbig for the Grace Helbig Bib xoxoxo @glomamag

Source: GloZell Green’s Instagram

signs as web stars

Aries ( Tyler Oakley )

Taurus ( Twaimz )

Gemini ( Danisnotonfire )

Cancer ( Matthew Espinosa )

Leo ( Glozell )

Virgo ( Connor Franta )

Libra ( Grace Helbig )

Scorpio ( Miranda Sings )

Sagittarius ( Ethan and Grayson Dolan )

Capricorn ( Kingsley )

Aquarius ( Amazingphil )

Pisces ( Rudy Mancuso )

( btw these are the corresponding signs to the literal people not an interpretation )



Watch Colleen Ballinger, Kory DeSoto, RUPAUL, Todrick Hall, Lance Bass, Kingsley, Ross Matthews, Glozell, Daniel Franzese, Laganja Estranja, Cake Moss, Miles Jai, and SOMANYMORE slay the entire universe’s universe. GAYGASM ALERT GAYGASM ALERT!!

If you don’t like Onision, Oh well. I really am sick and tired of all the people who are questioning it. And when I say something else all the ones who liked him started throwing hate. I watch him he’s a cool dude, and I support him 100%, his videos helped me, so chill. He deserves to be in this just as much as anyone else! And for everyone who thinks that it’s just Jeff the Killer, it’s BaptisimOnFire. Don’t read this in a rude way….please…


Escape the Night (2016)

— Shane’s coughing up blood, I’m really concerned about him. I look over and everyone’s just eating their food still, not really bothered about what’s happening.