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  • *Remus or Peter bringing some glow sticks to Hogwarts after the holidays*
  • Sirius:....look Moony did you charm these tubes of colours to light up in the dark?
  • Remus:NO Sirius its a glow stick. it works because of phenyl oxalate ester producing chemiluminescence then-
  • Sirius:*grabs wand and points at his robes and says* "phenyl oxalate ester" ...... "chemiluminescence"
  • Sirius:Moony it doesn't work!!!
  • James:teach me so i could make my broomstick glow and change colour once i get a date with Evans and go for a midnight ride.
  • Remus:oh merlin for the last time its a glow stick!! Its muggle kid's thing!!!
  • James:are you sure its only for kids? Lily might be impress-
  • Remus:Lily knows what a glow stick is James.
  • Sirius:Are you sure those are the right spells.
  • Peter:.........

BeeWitch’s Loose Ends Giveaway!

Here is the last of my 4 giveaways! The other three are the Skull, Owl Teapot, and Fairy Giveaways! :)

If you win this Giveaway, you will receive:

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Some fun stuff here! :D  Now, the Rules!

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Giveaway ends Sunday October 20th, 2013! Good luck!

Raving time!!!

Since sabi love to dance and parteeeh!! I thought why not get her a simple thingy for it.
So here you can see miss happy pants *snort* dancing her butt off in her rave pants. I really like how the pants are drawn out x3 specially the blue glowy straps.

Sabi belongs to me©
This cool artwork was made by  lingrimm
Thanks for making this <3

Turians belong to mass effect