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Team Flip Cup with Chris and Scott Evans vs. Jimmy and Gloria Fallon

Mother's Day Special 2001

JEANNE FEY: Hi, I’m Jeanne Fey.
GLORIA FALLON: And I’m Gloria Fallon. Here are tonight’s top stores about our children.

 GLORIA: Actor Jimmy Fallon will appear in Band of Brothers, an HBO drama about a World War II. A source close to Fallon says “Good, maybe they will make him cut that crazy hair."  In a related story, the movie is directed by Oscar winner, Tom Hanks, who is now a personal friend of Jimmy’s. He even calls our house all the time. Back to you Jeanne.
: Actress Tina Fey appeared in the April 7th issue of TV Guide. However, themagazine was not available in the Philadelphia area, because I bought them all and keep them in my kitchen.

 GLORIA: And now it’s time for a segment we call "That’s My Baby."  This is Jimmy when he was nine years old. I always knew he would be an actor because he would put on his C3PO pajamas and sing all the songs from Annie.
FALLON: Mom, what are you saying?
JEANNE: This is Tina when she was six months old. As you can see, even when she very little she only had one eyebrow.
FEY: Mom, nobody wants to see that.
GLORIA: Why? It’s so cute. You were a nice, hairy, Greek baby.
FALLON: You guys are supposed to be doing the news.
GLORIA: We are. Jimmy, this is so easy. I don’t know why you flub your lines all the time. Do you know they have them written on those big cards up there?
GLORIA: Just read the cards!

FALLON: I do, I do, I do read the cards.
FEY: I think he needs glasses.
FALLON: I don’t need glasses.
GLORIA: Jimmy, just get the glasses.
FALLON: I don’t need glasses.
JEANNE: If you need glasses, get them.
FALLON: I don’t need glasses.

FEY: Well, you do need glasses, but the point is you can’t just do news about us. 
: What else is there to talk about? Just look at this face… look at this baby face.
JEANNE: (hugging Tina) From these loins, a mother’s angel. Say my favorite part.
FEY: For Weekend Update, I’m Tina Fey.
FALLON: And I’m Jimmy Fallon.
FALLON & FEY: …saying Happy Mother’s Day and we love our mommies!

Growing Up Fallon: Christmas Time

Here’s a brand new edition of “Growing Up Fallon” – Jimmy’s sister, Gloria Fallon, shares memories and photos from their childhood during the holidays.

Christmas was easily our family’s favorite holiday. We always tried to do everything exactly like we did the year before, because the year before was always held in memory as “The Best Christmas EVER.”

Each year, we’d set up the same fake tree and we’d decorate it with the same ornaments and silver tinsel. Me and Jimmy would write letters to Santa asking him for a bunch of toys and our parents would take us to see Santa in person—sort of a second chance at getting what you want in case your letter wasn’t so great.

Easy with the hand there, guy-dressed-as-Santa.

Jimmy palling around with Santa.

On Christmas Eve, we’d leave out a plate of cookies and a glass of milk, and head to bed.

Falling to sleep on Christmas Eve is one of the hardest things to do when you’re little, and Santa’s visit is depending on it. When morning finally came, me and Jimmy would race to our parents’ room, begging to go downstairs. Dad would go before us and light up the tree, and then we’d run down and try to take it all in at once. We could do this because our parents never wrapped our Christmas presents. Mom says she just thought it looked prettier that way, which loosely translates to “Wrapping presents is a pain in the ass, so I left them unwrapped.”

Mom was always big on the same posed shots every year: us holding up our favorite gift in front of the tree. Here’s just a sampling:

The year of the trikes.

Yo-yos, Play-Doh and Magic 8 Balls…plus look at that massive TV that didn’t have a remote control just hulking there in the background.

Michael Jackson, Pacman, a telescope, Billy Joel and the family’s first-ever computer: the Commodore Vic-20! (The floppy drive was a cassette player, practically Flintstone material)

We’d play with our presents until we heard a fire engine’s siren in the distance. Then we’d put on our coats and boots and participate in a weird tradition I’ve only ever seen in Saugerties: On Christmas morning, Santa would drive around the neighborhood on the back of a fire truck, giving out boxes of hard suck-on candy. (Why would he do this after his triumphant trip around the world in a sleigh driven by reindeer? I’m just as puzzled as you are, and I don’t have the answers.) 

That being our only engagement for the day, me and Jimmy had the whole day ahead of us to play with our new toys. And that made for another perfect Fallon Christmas, the best one we ever had. Until next year!

Happy Holidays!

When my niece was about three months old I was giving her a bottle before her bedtime, and she fell asleep in my arms. She was making the cutest little baby sounds, little purrs of contentment when she breathed out, so I didn’t want to put her into her crib right away. We sat rocking in her nursery for about an hour. I’d never held one of my own infants for that long, because there was another one to feed, or bottles to make, or an hour of sleep to be attempted. This hour I had with my niece, looking at her tiny perfect fingers, admiring her chubby pink cheeks and fuzzy blond hair, listening to her breathe so sweetly in my arms, was one of the best hours of my life.

I now have two little nieces, so as an aunt I get my fill of infant sighs, chubby thighs and toddler talk. Those baby pangs of mine are history, and it feels like the best of both worlds when my nieces are overtired or crying, and I can hand them back to their parents and drive away with my 8-year-olds, and talk about what a great time we just had.

—  Gloria Fallon on her nieces Winnie and Frances (x)