擁抱青春靈魂最深處三部曲 “Embracing Being Young: The Deepest Area of the Soul” 3 part Taiwanese Miniseries (2010)

Part 1: 死神少女 Gloomy Salad Days (2010)

20 Episodes

Starring Serena Fang 房思瑜, Aaron Yan 炎亞綸

This drama involves 12 different stories which happened to teenagers, taken from real life social cases. Shen Qi is a student who has a brain tumor, giving him the ability to see Death Girl when no one else can. As he witnesses her task of ferrying different people to the afterlife, he gradually falls in love with her and begins to understand the transition between life and death.

Part 2: 那年,雨不停國 Year Of The Rain (2010)

6 Episodes

Starring Jian Man Shu 简嫚书, Zhang Shu Hao 張書豪

Based on the disaster that Typhoon Morakot brought to Taiwan in 2009, the story is of a girl who became an orphan overnight due to the flood and her struggle to start her life afresh after the disaster.

Part 3: 他們在畢業的前一天爆炸 Days We Stared at the Sun (2010)

5 Episodes

Starring Huang Yuan 黃遠, Wu Jian He 巫建和, Wang Ding Zhu 王丁筑/張家瑜, Teresa Daley , Liao Yi Fan 廖逸凡, Gao Chen Yu 高晨育, Hong Qun Jun 洪群鈞

Chen Hao Yuan is an honor student with a mellow personality. His best friend Hong Cheng Yi, on the other hand, is delinquent who did time in juvenile detention for bank robbery. Together they helped their classmate get off drug addiction, exposed their teacher’s dirty secrets, and even tried to find the bees that have gone missing because of the upcoming 2012 apocalypse. Their carefree attitude toward life turned to rage when they discovered that a corrupted politician was responsible for both of their families’ misfortunes. The boys got a gun and decided to explode the day before their high school graduation.

Just discovered these, they look very very interesting, with a very indie artsy vibe. I’ve always wanted to watch Year of the Rain, but I never realised it was part of a miniseries trilogy. How awesome!!

Has anyone seen any of these?

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Gloomy Salad Days
花 开在那片荒芜颓废没有顾忌的海上 
Blooms burst on the ruthless, wretched surface of the sea 
You said if neither of us breathed again it wouldn't matter
噢, my gloomy salad days   
Oh, my gloomy salad days   
When the sun rose you dissolved into bubbles
In the end the whirlpool didn't hold you or me
On some day of our interminable adult lives
We brushed past each other without recollection