‘If you care about orca, help spread the word with the OrcaBall. You can put it on the end of a pencil, your car antenna or hanging from your Christmas tree (I know, we’re early, but the orca still need to be protected all year).You can sell them in your office, give them away to friends or even post one to SeaWorld’s CEO. Ingrid Visser took one out to meet wild orca, in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, earlier this year.’ - Orca Research Trust

‘The mission of the OrcaBall is to escalate global awareness to the plight of the captive Orca and assist with financial aid towards their release, relocation and the creation of safe guarded ocean environments for their future care. The OrcaBall antenna ball and OrcaBall sticker represent an Orca with a collapsed dorsal fin. An icon to further public awareness of the captive Orca issues on a daily basis.  We hope to see these displayed on and in cars, homes and offices around the globe in efforts to spread the message’.