We need to acknowledge the true state of emergency we are in. The fires in California and floods in Louisiana are going to become day-by-day occurrences, and, within our lifetimes, there is going to be potentially catastrophic sea-level rise.

We need to ensure that these disasters do not become a daily way of life for all Americans and people all over the world. And this is why we need to declare a climate state of emergency so that we can respond in real time in the ways that we need to.

When you have 100% renewable energy, you do not need and you cannot justify a military budget that distributes soldiers and weapons all around the world.

Each month now, we’re seeing records set for climate change and global warming. Science is telling us that the day of reckoning is coming closer. This is not something that can wait another four years.

We are in an existential moment where we have to decide if we want a future or not.