Global Health Service Partnership

“I took this photo during the Northern Camp BUILD (Boys of Uganda in Leadership and Development) in the middle of the week on April 6, 2014. In the middle of playing with a hula hoop from a base pack kit, the camper looked out towards the incoming storm clouds and I snapped the picture. I imagine him taking a brief moment to see further than he physically saw into the distance.”

There are 154 volunteers in Uganda working with their communities on projects in English education, agriculture and health, including volunteers in the Global Health Service Partnership program. More than 1,405 Peace Corps volunteers have served in Uganda since the program was established in 1964.


It is easy to romanticize a life with limited connectivity: candles, campfires and conversations. And how creative of the Ugandans to keep their insulin floating in a ceramic pot buried in the dirt. But the reality is that the only difference between the boy in southwest Uganda and the boy in anytown, USA is one was born powerless, the other empowered at birth. The Oxford dictionary defines power as “the ability or capacity to do something.” It is how things get done.

Picture this: A tale of two babies -