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It is easy to romanticize a life with limited connectivity: candles, campfires and conversations. And how creative of the Ugandans to keep their insulin floating in a ceramic pot buried in the dirt. But the reality is that the only difference between the boy in southwest Uganda and the boy in anytown, USA is one was born powerless, the other empowered at birth. The Oxford dictionary defines power as “the ability or capacity to do something.” It is how things get done.

Picture this: A tale of two babies -
Why art matters in health education
It’s 7:30 a.m. and mothers begin to gather under a shelter at a health center in southern Malawi. Babies are straddled to their mothers’ backs or cleverly attached to their hips so they are able to...

“As I watch this event unfold, I realize that this artistic presentation is not just a form of audible entertainment; it synchronizes human existence, identifies commonalities within the culture and isolates human tendencies that affect health.”