What is glitch art?  

Glitch art is the aestheticisation of corruption. To live in the digital age is to experience glitches. The deterioration of data is inescapable. As soon as matter is created it is destined to be destroyed.

The aesthetic of glitch is not only to embrace that which is imperfect, but to create it. Through a process of destruction and transformation, the data is corrupted and used to create unique art.

I am fascinated by the juxtaposition of the simple and the chaotic. When the clean lines of a building are warped and twisted. When the normality of landscape becomes disjointed and jarring.  In this age of technology where life is no longer experienced unless viewed through a screen, reality becomes subjective.  

Just like the art I create, I am a broken entity. Cursed with mental illness, blessed with creativity. This is one of the reasons I’m so fascinated by the destruction and reconstruction involved in glitch art, I see myself reflected back. As in the hermetic principle of ‘as above so below’ that which happens in one plane of reality, be it physical, mental or emotional, happens on every other level of existence.