hello, goodbyes hung on our lips
the beginning of us, those swingin’ doors
hearts not the same as they were before

      i remember those days when love kept us waiting all night
        for headlights


I remember we filmed several takes of that and there were certain words that came out of Steven’s mouth that really hit home with me, and the first one was “home.” You know, “Come back home, we need you.” And we did one of those takes, I just burst into tears when he said that word. It’s interesting when you play that character with those people, and Steven’s somebody I’ve known personally and has been a good friend of mine since day 1, and there are certain ways that he could say things that just really hit home. I think the only way that scene plays out the right way is how Scott cut it. It was that outburst, and that flip-around and walk away. And it was very complicated, that little bit right there, and it meant a lot to everybody standing there, and I do feel like he feels like this is a bad mistake going after Dwight, but he’s hell bent. You can’t really stop that guy. - Norman Reedus

Baby Girl Rhee

Request Prompt: Can I request? Maggie and Glenn find you on your own so they “adopt” you. Soon enough you become close to Carl. Protective Papa Glenn and Mama Maggie. -Anon

Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader/ Glenn x Maggie Rhee

Warning: Fluff

I stared at the two people with fear present on my face as I held them at gun point.

“Its alright. I’m Maggie and this is my husband Glenn. Were not gonna hurt you.”, the woman who introduced herself as Maggie smiled at me.

“How do I know your not lying? People say that they won’t hurt you but then they hurt you because they’re bored.”, I snapped and Glenn walked closer.

I straightened my stance before he slowly grabbed the gun.

“Were not like other people. We have a community with others like us. At a prison with walls. We only want to help.”, Glenn said before gently taking my gun from me.

I hadn’t realized I was crying until Maggie brought me into her embrace. I broke down and fell to my knees bringing her with me. I cried into her shirt as she rubbed a comforting hand on my back. After I stopped crying Glenn helped us both off it the floor before leading us to the prison they talked about. A man opened the gate and they turned to me with a smile.

“Your welcome here.”, Maggie told me before they introduced me to everyone.

“So what’s your name?”, a girl named Beth asked me.

“Y/N.”, I said shyly not quite ready to open up to people I just met.

“Your safe here Y/N. Whatever happened to you won’t happen again.”, Hershel, Maggie’s father assured.

I nodded before going to meet Rick and his son. I walked behind Glenn into a cell and there was a man sitting on the bed with a boy and baby.

“Is this Y/N?”, The man asked and Glenn nodded.

“Well its nice to meet you Y/N. I’m Rick. That’s Carl and this is Judith.”, he said bouncing the cooing baby girl.

I waved when Carl sent me a genuine smile before hiding behind Glenn.

“Well get comfortable meeting is in a few minutes.”, Rick said and I continued to follow Glenn throughout the prison.

After a few months with these people I’ve started to grow close with them. Maggie and Glenn are the closest I’ve had to parents since this started.  Daryl came into the cellblock and I grabbed Glenn’s arm. To be honest I am a little scared of Daryl. He reminded me of all the bad people I came in contact with.

“Don’t worry I ain’t gonna hurt you.”, he said to me and I jumped.

“Daryl is a sweetheart.”, Beth joked and he scoffed.

“She’s right.”, Maggie smiled back hugging Glenn.

At dinner time Carl took the empty seat next to me causing me to tense. He noticed this and cleared his throat.

“Your safe here. You know that right?”, he asked and I nodded.

“Sorry. Its a habit.”, I frowned.

“Its alright. I’m surprised you lasted so long out there by yourself.”, he said and I sighed.

“Me too.”, I added.

“Alright drinks all around!”, Daryl hollered causing the adults to laugh.

“Take the load off things.”, Rick said.

“I hear that.”, Daryl replied swinging the bottle around.

“Want to go eat outside?”, he asked me and I nodded.

“Hey where are you two off to?”, Glenn asked.

“Outside. This is adult stuff.”, Carl joked.

“Alright. Don’t do any adult stuff either. I’ll come check on you too later.”, he stated sternly and Carl nodded.

He led me to the garden where we sat and watched the walkers gather at the gate or wander around. I let out a sigh and Carl turned towards me with a sad look.

“Do you ever think that before we know it all this would be over. And our lives would be normal?”, I asked staring at a walker as it attempted to claw through the fence, loosing some fingers in the process.

“It might. Just don’t waste time thinking about it. I don’t.”, he said and I chuckled.

“Well you’ve been doing this longer than I have. Surviving and all.”, I mumbled and his hand rested on mine.

“Its get better. Sooner or later you won’t be scared anymore.“, he smiled and I chuckled.

He started leaning in before I met his lips halfway. It was gentle and innocent at first but when his hand grabbed my waist he ended up hovering over me as our kiss became hot and passionate. I lifted my hips to rub against his clothed length and he let out a soft moan. I giggled before bringing his lips back to mine. His hand moved to lift my shirt before some cleared their throat. We pulled apart and looked back to see Glenn, Maggie, and Rick.

"Get off her Grimes.”, Glenn sneered.

“Y/N go inside right now.”, Maggie said and I separated from Carl before walking back to the house.

“I’m not a baby you know.”, I muttered and Rick chuckled at the situation.

“Were going for a little walk.”, I heard Glenn say to Carl.

Maggie followed me as I walked up the stairs. I went straight to my bed before Maggie shut my door.

“I’m not gonna yell at you. I’m not gonna tell you to stay away from him. But what I will tell you is to be cautious. Whatever you two were about to do does have consequences.”, she started.

“I just wish you would’ve told me that you were thinking about doing that.”, She said and I let out a sigh.

“I wasn’t thinking about it. It just happened. Felt like it was supposed to.”, I said and she nodded.

“Well next time just let me know and I’ll give you some protection. We don’t need any more babies around here.”, she smiled sliding something under my pillow and I nodded.

At that moment Carl ran inside before getting on the bed and hiding behind me. Maggie stood up and grabbed Glenn before he could come any closer.

“Its alright Glenn. I talked to her.”, she told him.

“Did you tell her to stay away from him?”, he asked and she shook her head.

“No. They like each other. No denying that. So we can’t keep them apart.”, she said rubbing his shoulder.

“What? You saw what they were about to do.”, he exclaimed and Rick walked in.

“They have my blessing.”, he laughed.

“Mine too.”, Maggie added and Glenn let out a defeated sigh.

“Fine. But you hurt her Grimes I will hurt you.”, Glenn threatened as Carl nodded.

“Let’s give these too some privacy. They need sleep. And only sleep.”, She pointed and we nodded.

“Together?!”, Glenn asked and Maggie pushed him out the door.


“Goodnight guys.”, I shouted as she shut the door.

I quickly got up and locked it before making my way back to Carl leaning on his shoulder.

“He didn’t scare you did he?”, I asked and he shook his head.

“Not at all.”, He smiled nervously before kissing me.

I leaned back before feeling something under my pillow. I twirled the yellow square in my fingers before giggling.

“Thanks Maggie.”, I mumbled before Carl crashed his lips to mine.