Former President Pro Tempore and current Lieutenant Governor Glenn McConnell of Charleston, South Carolina. I respect this man for many many reasons (I think you can guess one).

Click the link to see how a man put his public duty before his personal power:…

In closing, I can only hope to have a political career like Lt. Gov. McConnell.  

Well. Glenn Mcconnell is cofc’s new president.

That’s totally fine. This isn’t a problem at all. It’s not like it matters if students and faculty don’t support him. 

“Morgan Koerner, a German professor, told McConnell, "If you come here as our president, there will be a huge wound. Why would you want to come here knowing you would create a wound?” McConnell responded that he would prefer that people who work for him like him, but he would be satisfied if they respect him.“

South Carolina Lieutenant Gov Wants Cushy College Job, The South To Rise Again

by Doktor Zoom

South Carolina Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell announced today that he won’t run for reelection so that he can become president of the College of Charleston. He’d make an awesome college president, since he’s an alum of Charleston, and really smart, and very much in touch with Southern Heritage, especially with his warm embrace of the Confederacy and his experience running a store — “CSA Galleries” — that sold Confederate flags and other Johnny Reb tchotchkes. As a state senator, he was one of the leading defenders of keeping the Confederate flag flying from the Capitol building, because it’s about heritage, not hate. And in the late 1990s, he insisted that giving up symbols of the Old South would be a form of “cultural genocide,” one of the shibboleths of the neoconfederate crowd. He seems nice, and just the man to present a welcoming image for a college that has some of the state’s lowest minority enrollment.