Glenn Branca


Wednesday: boxing piano

Striking with minimalism, natural encounter between repetitive music and rich Classical compositions, 20 fingers running over 88 keys, four hands dancing on the piano keyboard, those of belgian composer, singer, musicologist Wim Mertens and of american avant-garde composer Glenn Branca.

It’s 1987 when this track is released as the score of a Peter Greenaway movie, Belly Of An Architect, the tune is out of its era, the intensive melodies are timeless, there goes a rush, a dialogue, a disscussion shaked by harmonic arguments, answers, same phrases repeted, nested into the unstoppable flow embroidered  of tiny changes almost imperceptible…

Play this black and white crazyness for too many times and only madness will be helpful to get out of there.  



Mercredi : un round au piano 

Frappant de minimalisme, croisement naturel entre les musiques répétitives et les compositions chargées du Classique, voici une course à vingt doigts sur quatre vingt huit touches, clavier sur lequel dansent quatre mains, celles du compositeur, musicologue et chanteur belge Wim Mertens avec celles de l'américain avant-gardiste Glenn Branca.

On est en 1987 quand sort ce morceau accompagnant le film Belly Of An Architect (Peter Greenaway), hors de l'époque l'intensité des mélodies est intemporelle, s'y jouent la précipitation, un dialogue, une discussion secouée par les arguments harmoniques, les réponses, les répétitions de la même phrase, imbriquées dans une continuité faite  d'infimes altérations au frontière de la perception.

Que dure trop cette lancée dans le noir et blanc et c'est la folie qui nous sortira de là.


06/21/15  Bang On A Can held their annual marathon of adventurous music  at the Winter Garden. Highlights included Tristan Perich’s Surface Image for solo piano and 40-channel 1-bit electronics
 with Vicky Chow on piano, the Asphalt Orchestra‘s high energy marching band-isms, the Bang On A Can Allstars performing Cloud-River-Mountain, progressive Chinese music composed by  Lao Luo, Michael Gordon, David Lang and Julia Wolfe with the stunning voice and presence of Gong Linna. The were pieces by Paul Kerekes and Michael Gordon performed by The Grand Band, a four piano ensemble. Sadly I missed pieces by Julian Day and Somei Satoh, which I heard great things about. Bobby Previte’s Terminals 3 and 4
 was performed by So Percussion & Nels Cline but I feel it suffered from the boomy acoustics. The day wrapped with a blowout by Glenn Branca’s ensemble.

You can get a free download of a compilation of the artists who performed at the marathon here