Luna Lovegood is doing a thorough inspection of the room where she will be staying in tonight 😂😂😂

A comfy bed for her to sleep in tonight. Will be hard to bring her bad to the shelter tomorrow 😩

Please share this posting and help her find a forever home…💕💕💕

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These are some pictures from the local L.A.newspapers of the Colby Fire which started yesterday in a canyon in the foothills above Glendora/Azusa. It only took three idiots a few minutes to set a whole hillside ablaze with an illegal campfire they were feeding with paper during one of our driest winters on records. To make matters worse, Santa Ana wind conditions had been active for the past week, making this a recipe for disaster. Red flag warnings have been in effect for what seems like weeks, but some people refuse to listen.

  What upsets me most is that it took only three morons to cause all the damage in the above pictures. to put thousands of residents in danger, not to mention the hundreds of firefighters who now have to put their lives at stake out on these hillsides to try to clean up the mess. Unfortunately,like earthquakes, brushfires are something we live with here in Southern California. But unlike earthquakes, more than half of these fires could probably be prevented with just a little common sense.

Just went on a forty minute walk and then sat in my backyard for another twenty looking for my cat, hoping he’d just jump out of the bushes or over the wall but nothing happened, didn’t even see any other cats. He just won’t come back. Calling the animal shelter again tomorrow and putting up posters. Anyone in Glendora/Azusa, please be on the look out for a black and white cat with white paws, more white on one hind leg and his paws are large, green eyed. Responds to Charles, please. 909-561-1316 I don’t care who sees this or what you think, I want my fucking cat back.