The X-Files MSR Analysis Series: Season 1 Episode 3


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This episode is basically How to Lose Friends and Alienate People - Mulder and Scully edition.  Mulder is forced to confront the fact his FBI colleagues mistrust and mockery of him makes it difficult to work with others, whereas Scully is beginning to feel tainted by association and has to examine where her loyalties lie.  Oh and some dude can squeeze his way through tiny holes to murder people.  That happens too.

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Glen Morgan’s ‘Lore’ Heads to NYCC

by Keva Andersen

Amazon has turned the popular podcast Lore into an Amazon Prime series, set to debut October 13th. X-Files Executive Producer Glen Morgan is among the talented crew of producers bringing the show to life. New York Comic Con attendees will have a chance to meet some of the cast and crew and to check out a panel about the show.

On Thursday, October 5th, there will be an autograph signing from 11:15 to 12:15. The panel is scheduled from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm in the Hammerstein Ballroom. Panelists so far include Executive Producers Gale Anne Hurd and Brett-Patrick Jenkins, Creator Aaron Mahnke, and cast members Kristin Bauer van Straten, Holland Roden, and Robert Patrick. Yes, another XF alum is part of the series!

Amazon will also be creating a creepy fan experience featuring a museum of the occult and supernatural that introduces fans to the show in an immersive way. You can find that in the north concourse of the Javits Center Thursday through Sunday starting at 10:00 am.


I had done Intruders, and I had a scene where I had to cry after a traumatic scene. So it was crazy, because Glen Morgan, who wrote “The X-Files”, came up to me and was like, “Do you have a dog? Well, that’s just dropped down dead right now.” And he’s like, “How do you feel about that?” And I’m just like, “Let’s just roll!” And we’re rolling.

The final touch, indeed, was the addition of a tagline, seen at the very end of the title sequence, one which would speak volumes about The X-Files and complete its identity. ‘Chris was up in Vancouver supervising what was going on up there, so I was down here in L.A. helping complete the title,’ Glen Morgan recalls. ‘And he called up and said, “I need some space at the end for 'The Truth Is Out There’”. I was, like, “What? That’s stupid.” And he said, “No, no - 'The Truth Is Out There’”. So I called the guy up and said, “Hey, he wants to put 'The Truth Is Out There’”. I think Chris was the only one [who] knew what that was going to be.’
—  The Complete X-Files (Part 1 - Developing The X-Files)

Let’s talk about “Never Again – Scully is having a feminist moment, saying, this is my life, these are my decisions. I really appreciated you writing that for her. Even though it freaked me out as a kid, the whole dragging her down to the incinerator room wrapped in a sheet! (He laughs.) I wanted to know what your motivation was for writing that for Scully. It was so different from any other episode, really.

Well, thanks. Motivation is Gillian. Mulder is like – and you’re a literature scholar – Mulder is the more ‘fun’ character. He’s going against the norm, he’s being a smartass against the norm, he’s fighting the establishment. She is, kind of in the first couple years, part of that establishment. Gillian was, you were right earlier when you mentioned it, kind of in a boys club. There weren’t a lot of women around, she was it. Producers, crew, etc. So I thought, what can I do for Gillian? And on the other side, I had just gone through a divorce and was kind of going through what the character that Rodney played was going through. The similarity of it. I talked to Gillian about it, she got wind of what I was doing and she sat down and said, I’d like to do this, this, and this, and I said ok. Again, they changed the order [“Never Again” was supposed to air before “Leonard Betts” and Scully discovering she had cancer, but it was moved due to the Superbowl]. She was doing it because of herself, not the cancer situation. I think that is more bold.

Interview with Glen Morgan, March 2016.


“Home” and “Home Again” had a mirror image – the conversation on the bench. It was perfect in the way it was shot. Even her hands are the same! Did you look at that scene beforehand?

Yeah, you’re filming in a hospital intensive care ward, it was over a weekend, and I was like, what am I going to do with this thing? We had a set, and I thought – we could go down there, down the hall, they would want to talk away from everybody. There’s a bench! And I knew what the bench talk meant to fans. And I wanted to pay my respects to Kim Manners, so I pulled it up on Netflix or something, and I just screengrabbed and put it on my phone and went to Joel Ransom (the cinematographer) and to David and Gillian and said we’re doing this!

Glen Morgan,  March 23, 2016
‘The X-Files’ Season 11 Fills Its Writers’ Room With All-Male Staff
To quote the Season 3 episode “Syzygy”: “Sure. Fine. Whatever.” At least Darin Morgan’s back?
By Liz Shannon Miller

The writers are:
Chris Carter, Glen Morgan, Darin Morgan and James Wong
Gabe Rotter (who served as a writers assistant on Season 9)
Benjamin Van Allen (a writers assistant on Season 10)
Brad Follmer (Carter’s personal assistant during Season 8 and 9)

Gillian would tweet that “the conversation on the log is coming,” the scene at the end of “Home Again” sitting on the log with the ashes at their feet, so I was excited to see this conversation. And I noticed when I went back and watched it a second time that David actually doesn’t have a single line! I was shocked because his presence was so supportive. It’s just Gillian talking, and she even said, “I want to believe” and she called him “Fox” too, she delivers it so perfectly and it’s not cheesy at all, it’s perfect.

You know, they’re incredible. It was that log and a grey morning. I did a show called “Intruders” for BBC that nobody watched, and I shot on the exact same log a year before. They had to come and get hairdryers and blow that log dry so they could sit there. It had rained so we were like, go, just go. We did two takes and it started raining again. We had to sit there under tents for 45 minutes. We went back and she (Gillian) could sit down and pick up right where she left off – boom, in one take, it was done.

Glen Morgan,  March 23, 2016

“The X-Files” Adds Three Female Writers

By Roileigh Ollson and Avi Quijada

Today’s TCA Press Tour yielded new information about the return of The X-Files. Chairman and CEO of FOX Television, Dana Walden announced that two female writers would join the currently male-dominated writers’ room for season 11. However, in typical X-Files fashion, she was tight-lipped about their names.

However, official sources confirmed to XFN that Karen Nielsen and writing team Kristen Cloke and Shannon Hamblin are the writers joining the team at 1013. Nielsen is known for her work as Script Coordinator last season, along with numerous other TV shows. Meanwhile, Cloke/Hamblin writing team will be writing an episode based on a story by Cloke’s husband, Glen Morgan. Cloke is also known for her extensive acting career. This follows last night’s news that two female directors—Carol Banker and Holly Dale—would also be joining the crew this year. 

In June, Gillian Anderson spoke out about her disappointment in the vast underrepresentation of women behind the scenes on the series. Fans and the press both seemed to agree that it was time for a change, and today brings positive news. We look forward to seeing what these women have to bring to the table because if Dana Scully taught us anything, it’s that saving the world has no gender requirement.