“Home” and “Home Again” had a mirror image – the conversation on the bench. It was perfect in the way it was shot. Even her hands are the same! Did you look at that scene beforehand?

Yeah, you’re filming in a hospital intensive care ward, it was over a weekend, and I was like, what am I going to do with this thing? We had a set, and I thought – we could go down there, down the hall, they would want to talk away from everybody. There’s a bench! And I knew what the bench talk meant to fans. And I wanted to pay my respects to Kim Manners, so I pulled it up on Netflix or something, and I just screengrabbed and put it on my phone and went to Joel Ransom (the cinematographer) and to David and Gillian and said we’re doing this!

Glen Morgan,  March 23, 2016

Glen Morgan says that X-Files starts filming JUNE 8th!!!!!

pass it a long and prepare to die from feels.

From the audio interview

  • First script already done, he just read it 
  • Piper (Gillian’s daughter) will be working in the art department this summer. FULL CIRCLE.
  • Morgan is working on his episode
  • thats all i remember because i lost track after June 8th



Morgan and Wong also thought about Anderson’s request for a “dark” Scully episode, and they decided they could explore that side of Scully by raising some of the issues between her and Mulder that are often hinted at in the show, but rarely discussed openly. “I thought Scully gets jerked around a lot by Mulder, and this is time for her to stand up for herself,” Morgan said. He hit upon the idea of using Scully’s desk – actually, the lack of a desk – as a metaphor for her confusion about her role in the X-Files division. "The thing that came to me was, in four years, where does she sit? That issue becomes a big thing for people. ‘Where do I go?’ It seemed like a small but telling problem for Scully,” Morgan said. "When Mulder comes in, going on about his vacation, she’s sitting there, and he’s not even paying attention to her. The only way she can get his attention is to go, ‘Where is my desk?’

Sometimes friends suddenly seem troubled and you don’t know why and they won’t tell you. I think he is concerned, even though they get into a little fight. And he has some insight that a little time away from each other might be good. Scully doesn’t do a good job at telling him what’s wrong. She’s inarticulate about it, and I don’t think he understands what she’s trying to say. Mulder should have said, ‘Well, what’s making you feel this way?’ or ‘I don’t understand.’ But in the case of a lot of friends, he just gets frustrated, and sort of blows out. He’s a psychologist, but when it comes to his own life, it’s a forest for the trees type situation. It’s just too close to him.”

Cinefantastique, October 1997

Let’s talk about “Never Again – Scully is having a feminist moment, saying, this is my life, these are my decisions. I really appreciated you writing that for her. Even though it freaked me out as a kid, the whole dragging her down to the incinerator room wrapped in a sheet! (He laughs.) I wanted to know what your motivation was for writing that for Scully. It was so different from any other episode, really.

Well, thanks. Motivation is Gillian. Mulder is like – and you’re a literature scholar – Mulder is the more ‘fun’ character. He’s going against the norm, he’s being a smartass against the norm, he’s fighting the establishment. She is, kind of in the first couple years, part of that establishment. Gillian was, you were right earlier when you mentioned it, kind of in a boys club. There weren’t a lot of women around, she was it. Producers, crew, etc. So I thought, what can I do for Gillian? And on the other side, I had just gone through a divorce and was kind of going through what the character that Rodney played was going through. The similarity of it. I talked to Gillian about it, she got wind of what I was doing and she sat down and said, I’d like to do this, this, and this, and I said ok. Again, they changed the order [“Never Again” was supposed to air before “Leonard Betts” and Scully discovering she had cancer, but it was moved due to the Superbowl]. She was doing it because of herself, not the cancer situation. I think that is more bold.

Interview with Glen Morgan, March 2016.

“With TV, it’s all about people, and there were a lot of shows that kind of ripped off ‘The X-Files’ or tried to do a conspiracy show but they did not have David andGillian. They were never going to work because you didn’t have David and Gillian and Mulder and Scully.”

X-Files Executive Producer Glen Morgan on “The X-Files Files” Podcast, september 2014

It’s interesting, David and I will text each other a few times a year, ask ‘how are you doing’, etc. I talked to Gillian in passing at the Comic Con event and we’re friends, but we’re not like, hanging out together. But when The X-Files comes, she and I have this connection. I’m writing for Gillian. I always thought she was a very good actress, and in the interim years she’s become a great actress. “Home Again” was for her. She’s great.
—  Glen Morgan (x)

Gillian would tweet that “the conversation on the log is coming,” the scene at the end of “Home Again” sitting on the log with the ashes at their feet, so I was excited to see this conversation. And I noticed when I went back and watched it a second time that David actually doesn’t have a single line! I was shocked because his presence was so supportive. It’s just Gillian talking, and she even said, “I want to believe” and she called him “Fox” too, she delivers it so perfectly and it’s not cheesy at all, it’s perfect.

You know, they’re incredible. It was that log and a grey morning. I did a show called “Intruders” for BBC that nobody watched, and I shot on the exact same log a year before. They had to come and get hairdryers and blow that log dry so they could sit there. It had rained so we were like, go, just go. We did two takes and it started raining again. We had to sit there under tents for 45 minutes. We went back and she (Gillian) could sit down and pick up right where she left off – boom, in one take, it was done.

Glen Morgan,  March 23, 2016

During the blocking of the scene in “Home Again” in which Mulder & Scully sit vigil by Margaret Scully’s bedside in the ICU, David Duchovny caught a glimpse of Glen’s personal storyboards. He was impressed to discover that Glen not only storyboards almost every shot (perhaps inspired by Hitchcock) but that he also draws them himself.  As David flipped through them, his expression turned from bemused to confused: “Is this me? Where’s my hair?!”   


Home Again - Le Rewatch

I have rewatched ‘Home Again’ only once so far but this got completely out of hand so sorry for the long post. I unintentionally focused on Maggie’s death but I suppose it was also Glen Morgan’s intention rather than deliver us a “classic” MOTW focusing on the case.

“That was my brother, he just… The EMT found his phone number.” The disorganisation in Scully’s speech is typical of someone’s who has just received shocking news and it is perfectly executed. Mulder needs to intervene and tell her what she needs to do (‘You go. Go’) as she is incapable of thinking straight. Note also the way she pats herself down to find her phone in her pocket, which she only put there a few seconds ago? Now, THAT is either impeccable acting or very detailed writing. 

(gif by @especiallyoneofyou​)

Which brings us to the amazingly clever choice of camera here…

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Listen, Glen Morgan is AMAZING. He just sounds like an awesome human being who understands the characters & the actors he is working with. He respects Gillian, and is completely aware how talented she is. 

I just love watching these behind the scenes videos from Home Again. Thank you for @mulderscullyinthetardis for uploading them! ❤️

“She is a better actor than I’m director so it’s not like I’m trying to direct her to this. If she’d have said to me, “Scream at me right now and call me names”, I would have done it. But I didn’t approach her knowing what to do. I was like: “What do you want me to do for you”