Glen E Friedman

Rest in Peace to skateboarding pioneer and super hero Jay Adams. We owe a lot to Jay for taking skateboarding vertical in backyard pools and pushing the limits of what was possible during skateboarding’s formative years. You’re a legend Jay, you will be missed!

Photo: Glen E. Friedman


My Rules, a new book by Glen E. Friedman features some of the best of Glen’s photos from around the incarnation of skateboarding, hip hop and hardcore music. Iconic photos of Tony Alva, Rodney Mullen to Minor Threat and the Beastie Boys. Some are published here for the very first time. Watch Glen get together with longtime friend and collaborator Ian MacKaye at Dischord House, just outside of Washington DC, to discuss some of the photographs in Glen’s forthcoming book MY RULES.

You can pre order Glen E. Friedman’s My Rules here.

Dapper Dan’s Designs (via @NewYorker)

In this week’s issue of the magazine, Kelefa Sanneh writes about Dapper Dan, a designer who co-opted luxury-brand logos out of his Harlem boutique, creating one-of-a-kind outfits for hip-hop artists, rappers, and gangsters in the eighties. The photographers of the day, like Janette Beckman, Glen E. Friedman, Paul Natkin, and Ernie Paniccioli, captured Dapper Dan’s custom outfits.

Black Flag 1981 - at their temp office in Hollywood, during the time they were finishing up the DAMAGED album. I got them to pose for a photo of them all reading SkateBoarder’s ACTION NOW magazines. Look at the wall of flyers and the Map behind them, getting ready to go on their CREEPY CRAWL across America for Henry’s first tour and their support of the first full album (and in my opinion one of the greatest records ever made) ( the greatest if you take off TV PARTY, even though i did sing/yell some back up vocals on there) Henry goofing with the Action Now sticker on his eye while he and Dukowski are looking at the only full cover i ever got on that mag, its ALVA on a backyard ramp, with the headline “Is SkateBoarding Dead” or something like that… It was a time of a huge downturn for skateboarding and the days of the glossy color magazines were on the way out, to make room for the zines and the likes of THRASHER to fill the void for the hardcore skateboarders that would never give up. - Glen E Friedman