The Big Reveal

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Request: Can you do one where Sebastian Smythe and reader are dating and they reveal it to the Glee club by having reader where his blazer?

Notes: So, Sebastian is a bit out of character in this one but still keeps his sass towards the others. It’s a bit shorter than my other imagines but I hope you guys like it!

“Babe, please?” Sebastian begs you, holding the jacket out in front of him. You take a moment to examine the blazer, noting the crispness of the navy, the sharp contrast of the red piping and the Dalton logo stitched on the left chest.

“Why do you want me to wear it?” You question, feeling the heavy fabric between your fingers.

“It’s the biggest game of the year. Our schools are playing each other, it’s just to show support. It’d be like wearing my jersey, but I kind of need that. The other girlfriends are going to be wearing the blazers too. You’ll fit right in.”

“Have you forgotten that I sit with my friends at the lacrosse games? The ones who not-so-subtly hate you? Who would flip out at me telling them that we’re dating?”

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Klaine Valentines 2017: Day 1- Your Song

word count: 430

In which Blaine is high from the dentist and has a crush on the stranger (his fiancé) that he wakes up to. (AO3)

Kurt is halfway through his issue of Vogue when he hears Blaine groan gently from his spot on the couch.

“Are you okay?” He asks, still unable to believe that Blaine managed to get a cavity only a eight months after moving to New York when they don’t even have jobs that include dental coverage yet.

Whoa,” Blaine responds, patting the left side of his face.

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The Moment They Waited For

klaineallons-y prompted: Could you write about Kurt and Blaine holding their child for the first time? By the way I love your writing so much!!

From the first moment that they had even discussed having children, Kurt and Blaine had been waiting for the moment that their child was placed into their arms.  And that moment had finally arrived.

1010 words. Rated: G

A/N: It’s great to be back writing, especially with such a sweet prompt.  :)

Kurt and Blaine had been waiting for this moment for months, if not years.  Since the day Rachel had marched into their apartment and announced that she would proudly be their surrogate, they had longed for the moment that the nurse or doctor laid their sweet little baby in their arms.

They had been awakened in the middle of the night by a phone call from Jesse saying that Rachel had gone into labor and to meet them at the hospital.  They panicked, got dressed, and panicked some more before they finally made their way to the street and into a cab.  They car ride seemed as though it would never end and the infamous New York traffic seemed to always get in their way between them and their soon-to-be-born child.

Once they had arrived at the hospital, it was an agonizing wait that lasted for hours.  The nervous excitement had Kurt and Blaine bouncing with anticipation of their huge life change that would occur at any moment.  

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Just Give Me a Reason

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Request: Hey I’ve just discovered your blog and I really love your writing! I was wondering if you would write a Sebastian fic where the reader and Sebastian are dating and finally announce it to their singing groups at one time. The room descends into chaos because no one approves whatsoever and people begin making plans to “rescue” their beloved group member. After multiple plans on both ends are pulled off, they eventually do break up and it’s not pretty. After that the ex-couple’s performances aren’t as good as they had been and both sides begin to realize what they did to their friends. So they team up without the reader or Sebastian knowing and make them both learn half of a duet for some special performance and when that night comes it’s revealed who their dear partner is. Thank you!

Notes: So I only realized after I wrote the entire imagine that I changed it a little, instead of Y/N and Sebastian learning the duet earlier they’re just forced to sing it together. And I didn’t really do ‘multiple plans’ because it would take just way too long, but anyways I hope you enjoy!!

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We are beyond excited to announce the 2nd annual Klaine Valentines Challenge! The love fest begins again in one month on February 1, 2017.

 We are @stopandimaginelove (Lynne), @innocentzinnia (Zinnia), and @cc-graphics (Cassie) your hosts for this event. As we explained last year, we really loved the Klaine Advent challenge and wanted to do something similar since everyone, both readers and writers alike, seem to love it so much. Last years KVD was such a success and brought so much love to the Klaine fandom, we absolutely had to do it again (and again and again…)!

The rules are: a love song title prompt a day (incl. lyrics) for 14 days, for you to write drabbles of at least 100 words or more, or create art or do whatever you feel inspired to do. You can be inspired by only the song title or the meaning behind the lyrics. Last year some writers created an entire 14 chapter story, others did 14 one shots - it’s totally up to you. Tag your post with “KlaineValentines2017” or drop a link in the submit box and we’ll add it to the daily round up. We will do a fic round up post every day.  For more details check out the FAQ page.

Any questions, please feel free to message us, via this blog or directly via Lynne, Zinnia or Cassie.

If you’re going to participate, please send us a message so we’ll add you to the participants list! We always check through the tags so we don’t miss anyone. If you see your work isn’t on the daily round up, please let us know so we can fix that ASAP.

Less than a month until the 2nd annual 2017 Klaine Valentines Challenge!


P.S. If you missed last year’s challenge, you can read all the lovely stories in our Daily Round Up 2016 tag.

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Going in a long car ride tomorrow. Any good long fics?

DALTON by CP Coulter

Post-Furt: Spinning off from Glee, Kurt begins an entirely new chapter in his life at Dalton Academy for Boys. Blaine, Wes, David and the boys of Windsor House make his life, for better or worse, far more eventful than he imagined. 

*it’s a WIP but nearly 450K and each update is years apart like a new book in the series

Crowded House by kellyb321

All of your favorite Warblers and a few new faces, too. Follow our boys as they start their lives in NYC, each couple facing their own challenges, heartbreak, self-discovery and redemption. Stick around as they realize support, acceptance and most importantly, true love can all be found in one big Crowded House. Heavy on the Klaine and Niff. 

*another WIP but over 785K! Probably the longest running fic in fandom

Kiss by Foraworldundeserving

While the kiss in Original Song was oh-so-beautiful, there’s millions of ways those two boys could have shared their first kiss.

*This is 234 chapters – each one is a different way in which Klaine kiss. Each chapter is a stand alone one-shot.

Keep My Heart Captive, Set Me Free by thequeenofrose

Kurt Hummel had always dreamed of a fairy-tale bond, a perfect, kind and caring Dom. Blaine Anderson had always dreamed of someone who stands out from the boring crowd, someone real, and pure. When their worlds collide, will either of them get what they had dreamed of?  Complete

Steal A Heart Verse by MochaCappuccino

Blaine’s in the same grade level as Kurt. Kurt stays at Dalton. They get their heads out of their asses a lot faster. This is the story of how their lives progress. Complete  

Thanksgiving In New York

Kurt and Blaine and their 5-month-old daughter, Elizabeth, host their family’s Thanksgiving dinner for the first time in New York City.

1078 words.  Rated: G

The week of Thanksgiving was a busy one for the Anderson-Hummels.  They were busy balancing life along with being parents of a five month old who had just started teething as well as preparing to host Thanksgiving for their families for the first time.  Since Elizabeth had started teething, Kurt and Blaine were both hesitant to take her on a flight to Ohio and decided that they would just have their families come to New York instead.  

Bright and early on Wednesday morning, the young family met Burt, Carole, Pam, and Cooper at the airport.  They greeted them with warm hugs from Kurt and Blaine and baby giggles from Elizabeth.  They took everyone back to their home on the Upper West Side and caught up with their family as they had not seen them in a while.

“So,” Carole said, “how is everything going on over here?  You boys always tell me it’s fine when you’re on the phone, but we can all see that you two are a little tired.”

Blaine sighed.  “It’s nothing we can’t handle.  Elizabeth just started teething, and it’s been keeping her up all night.  So we’re up all night.”

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Blaine’s First Friday Night Dinner (Edited Version)

After Kurt and Blaine get together, Burt has Kurt invite Blaine over for dinner on Friday night.  

Sequel to Officially Boyfriends (edited).

1627 words.  Rated: G

This is the edited version of a previous story that can be read here.

Blaine was a nervous wreck.  He sat in his car in the Hummel’s driveway for five minutes before finally gathering the courage to get out of his car.  It wasn’t the first time at Kurt’s house, but it was the first time he was there as Kurt’s boyfriend.  This was suddenly different that going to hang out with Kurt.  This was officially meeting his boyfriend’s father, and Blaine wanted nothing more than to make a good impression on Burt Hummel.  The past few times he had faced Burt, the circumstances weren’t the best.  The first time he met Burt, he was passed out in Kurt’s bed hungover after Rachel’s party.  It didn’t help matters that after that meeting, Blaine had spent the week questioning his own sexuality.  Then the second time he met Burt, it had been last week in Burt’s tire shop.  Blaine had been genuinely concerned about Kurt’s sexual knowledge after the failed sexy attempt and an anxious outburst, and he knew that Kurt had a good relationship with his father.  Blaine showed up at the shop to suggest to Burt to give Kurt the sex talk.  He didn’t have any ulterior motive, but Blaine couldn’t be sure that Burt didn’t think that.

Blaine gathered up his courage to get out of the car and walk to the front door.  He rung the doorbell and waited practically shaking.  He could hear Kurt talking from the other side of the door, “Let me answer it, Dad!  You’ll scare him.  Dad, you don’t own a shotgun, don’t even bother threatening that.”  Blaine chuckled and began to relax.  With that piece of information stored in Blaine’s brain, Burt seemed less intimidating.  

Just then, the door swung open and Kurt was standing in the doorway with a huge smile on his face.  “You did hear me, right?” Kurt whispered as he hugged his boyfriend.  “I tried to say it loud enough so that you could hear me.  He doesn’t actually own a shotgun, so don’t worry.”  

“Quit hugging in the doorway and let him in the house, Kurt!” Burt said.  “You insisted on opening the door, let him in.”

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Hello, i think the fic the anon wants with blaine feeding kurt and kurt pushing the food around is fix by rainjoy, is not actually an eating disorder fic but there's a specific part where blaine feeds kurt and tells him that this guy in juvie tried to commit slow suicide by not eating. Is in part 2 :) hope this helps

Is this your fic, anon? (even if it’s not, it’s a really GREAT fic - one of the best bad boy fics out there)

FIX by rainjoy

He has - god, his grin is wolfish and wicked and somehow, in the bright darkness of his eyes, sweet

Sniffles and Baby Giggles

Anon prompted: Could you write a sickfic that is just fluffy and lovey? It doesnt matter who is sick. Please no vomit/stomach issues.

When Kurt gets sick, Blaine bans him from getting near the baby.  However, the baby monitor is still on when Blaine goes to talk to their infant daughter.  And everyone knows that baby giggles cure everything.

749 words.  Rated: PG

It took a minute for Blaine to realize what exactly had caused him to wake up at 2:30 in the morning, but when he did, he was immediately more alert and moving to sit up.  He looked over next to him to find his husband coughing violently.

“Babe?” Blaine asked as he sat up and looked over towards Kurt concerned.  

Kurt turned his head towards Blaine briefly before leaning back over to continue coughing.  “Sorry I woke you,” he said hoarsely between coughing fits.

Blaine reached one hand out and patted Kurt’s back as he coughed.  “None of that.  No need to be sorry,” he said softly.  “It’s okay.”

After a few more minutes of violent coughing, Kurt finally leaned back onto his pillow.  “That was unpleasant.”

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After All

Fluffy Klaine reaction fic for 6x08 “A Wedding” This is the conversation that takes them from boyfriends to newlyweds. Title comes from this gorgeous song. 1K [AO3]

“We have two brides. Do we have two grooms?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know. I just –what Burt and Carole were talking about earlier. And these last few months without you have been really-” Blaine stuttered out, too many thoughts in his brain to finish one sentence before moving onto the next.

“I love you, Kurt. I mean, I love you, I do.” With those words, Kurt found himself starting to hope that maybe somehow, they’d both arrived at the same insane impulse.

Blaine scrubbed a hand across his face, trying to put his muddled feelings into words. “This is crazy, but…”

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When You Fall

Summary: Same support group AU Klaine (prompt by anon), PG, 5k+ words. Kurt and Blaine meet at Elliott’s LGBTQ+ support group. Maybe Kurt is exactly the person Blaine needed to talk to about his past. And maybe Blaine can help Kurt get over his trust issues in return.

Warnings: Characters talk about bullying, violence, non-supportive parents and death of parents (mostly canon occurrences).

Notes: It’s so cheesy that you might smell like cheese afterwards. I am so sorry (a little… or maybe not at all). I apologize for clearly having no clue what support groups actually do most of the time. I included first-hand experience from theatre and yoga classes to make it more realistic. ;) Also, if anyone wants to talk more character meta, please, hit me up with an ask, I LOVE talking meta.

FF | AO3

When Elliott had told Kurt he was going to start a support group for LGBTQ+ students at NYADA, Kurt hadn’t been sure if many people would be interested in joining. But to his surprise, at their first meeting, eleven people showed up – not even counting Kurt, Dani and Santana. And the group kept growing. Rachel had promised to come to support them but she could only manage to do so a few times because her Broadway schedule kept her too busy.

Well, okay, Santana was only there because Dani nicely asked her to. And then bribed her with sex, Kurt supposed, because asking Santana nicely never had gotten him anywhere. Then again, he wasn’t Santana’s girlfriend.

It was easy to see that Elliott’s yoga retreat had provided him with some inspiration. The support group wasn’t just a safe place for discussion and exchange. He included breathing and trust exercises, some methods that Kurt had definitely seen teachers use in his acting classes before, and even music. Kurt jokingly told Elliott he should start teaching in kindergarten but Elliott knew just as much as Kurt that NYADA had been needing a support group.

People had issues to talk about. It was nice to see that they weren’t alone with their problems. Kurt certainly felt like he was starting to get more comfortable in his skin. Some of their group members even started dating.

After a while, Kurt somehow became the co-leader of the group. He took over when Elliott couldn’t make it or when the group needed two instructors.

The group had been in session for a whole semester and they did a lot of advertising for their first meeting of the new term. The turn-out was great: fifteen newbies. Kurt got them started with a quick overview of what they were going to do in their first session.

As usual, they started with some breathing exercises and moved onto the discussion round. After introductions, a few of the old members shared their stories for the new ones.

“Okay, do any of the new members want to share anything with us?” Elliott asked.

Some did. One girl, Alicia, told everyone how she came out as trans to her parents. Patrick shared the story of his disastrous first date. And then Blaine raised his hand.

He had caught Kurt’s eye earlier during introductions. He was a freshman at NYADA, majoring in vocal performance and theatre, just like Kurt. He made Kurt smile when he said that he loved musical theatre but had a burning passion for pop music and felt like most new artists were really underrated. There weren’t many people who would dare to say something like that at a school like NYADA.

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A Monster-Full Halloween

When Kurt runs out of time to make their family costumes for Halloween, he resorts to store-bought monster costumes for the small family.  

766 words.  Rated: G

A/N: I’m BACK!  :)

“Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy!” three-year-old Elizabeth shouted excitedly as she ran into the apartment.

“What?” Blaine said, turning from his piano towards his and Kurt’s daughter, laughing as he saw Kurt behind her carrying multiple Halloween costumes.  

“We got costumes!  We’re gonna get to dress up and go outside dressed up!”

Kurt set the costumes down on the couch before approaching his small family.  He greeted Blaine with a quick kiss before sitting down next to Blaine on the piano bench.  

“I thought you were designing our costumes?” Blaine said as he looked towards the bags on the couch.  

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Projects with Perks

Summary: Klaine AU / alternative meeting. Kurt hates group projects, especially when his partners don’t contribute to the work at all. Luckily, the new transfer student, Blaine Anderson, seems to be different. PG-rated.

A/N: This is cheesy and fluffy and overall very light cause I couldn’t deal with anything else last night. It’s basically me channeling my own group project frustration into something creative. I feel like everyone’s better off like that. ;)

Kurt hates group projects. He absolutely hates them. Yet, his teachers insist that it improves team work. It never does, he wants to shout at them. But he doesn’t really need a repeat of being sent to the principals office after the fiasco that was Britney week his junior year.

Speaking of Britney – he got paired with Brittany. Kurt sighs quietly to himself. At least he likes her. In his last French project, he got paired with Azimio, of all people. Still, Brittany being… well, Brittany, there is not a big chance that she will have the slightest idea of what their project even is about. Kurt almost doesn’t dare to read any further but curiosity gets the best of him.

Noah Puckerman, the list reads. Oh, great, Kurt thinks. Puck usually skips half his classes, sleeps in the other half, and fails almost all of them. So, basically, he got paired with the two people least likely to graduate in the end of the year. Peachy. Just peachy.

But there’s another name on the list. Blaine Anderson. Kurt frowns. He doesn’t know anyone at McKinley with that name and he’s pretty sure that he knows everyone in his English class. Just as he’s about to raise his hand, his teacher starts to speak.

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Lost without you - sparkinmybonfireheart - Glee [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 9/9
Fandom: Glee
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel
Characters: Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel, Santana Lopez, Quinn Fabray, Tina Cohen-Chang, Mike Chang, Nick Duval, Jeff Sterling, Brittany S. Pierce, Noah Puckerman, Cooper Anderson, Mercedes Jones, Original Characters
Additional Tags: Klaine, Alternate Universe - Dystopia, slight D/s
Series: Part 2 of Colors of war

Kurt and Blaine have finally found each other, but dark clouds are coming their way…

When Mom Knows

Blaine comes home from school giddy and with a wrinkled uniform.  It doesn’t take long at all for Pam to find out exactly what happened.

842 words.  Rated: PG

It was late on a Friday afternoon when Blaine finally arrived home after “practicing” with Kurt.  He walked into his house, goofy smile plastered onto his face, and went off in search of his mother.  

“Hey Mom,” he said as he walked into the living room and found her sitting on the sofa, typing away on her laptop.  

At the sound of her son’s voice, Pam’s head lifted and her eyes left whatever was on her screen in favor of looking up at her son.  She placed the laptop on top of the coffee table and turned all of her attention towards her son.  “Hey Blaine!  Come on over here!”  She patted the empty space on the sofa next to her, which Blaine quickly filled.

“What are you working on?”

“Oh just responding to your aunt’s email.  Your cousin got into medical school, and she’s all excited about out.  Has every right to be too.  But enough about them.  What’s got you giddy like this?”

Blaine ducked his head and blushed.  He could feel his face grow warm as he turned a shade of red.  “It may or may not have something to do with Kurt,” Blaine admitted.  

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I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and with Zinnia’s help, we’ve created a Klaine & CrissColfer fanfic library blog.  It’s still under construction, but we wanted to make it public once we had a decent amount of fics already up.  There are currently over 100 Klaine and we’ve just started adding the CrissColfer ones.  The process is quite slow and time consuming because we want it to be as organized and user-friendly as possible.

Both Zinnia and I are running the blog, so if you have fic finding questions, or if you find an error, please send all questions and concerns to our ASK box.

Please be patient as we add fics, we literally have over 600 to go!  

When you’re on the blog, at the top there is a Klaine Fic Finder and a CrissColfer Fic Finder.  It will bring you to all the tags so you can search for what you’re looking for.  (some tags aren’t linked yet since we don’t have all fics added)


It’s quite a giant undertaking, but will be worth it in the end! Thanks for your patience!

~Lynne and Zinnia