It’s a Brand New Day


“Ugh, shut up,” Kurt groans, pulling the pillow over his head to try to drown out the persistent sound intruding on his (un)consciousness. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. The sound stops for only a second or two before it starts up again, just as loudly as before. Kurt frowns when he realizes that the ringtone that’s playing is “Teenage Dream,” which means that only one person can be calling: Blaine.

Kurt reluctantly pulls the pillow off his head and gropes blindly until he finds his phone stuck between the duvet and tangled sheets. He cracks one eye open and hits the button to accept the call. “Hello?” he croaks.

“Kurt!” Blaine gasps breathlessly into the phone.

“Blaine?” Kurt mumbles, rolling over to confirm that his husband is no longer in bed with him. It’s confusing, given that the last thing Kurt remembers is the two of them drifting off to sleep together with the scent of sex still in the air and sweat cooling on their naked, intertwined bodies.

“Turn on the TV,” Blaine hiccups. “CNN, ABC, MSNBC – it doesn’t matter. Should be on all of them,” he manages, voice breaking with emotion.

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I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and with Zinnia’s help, we’ve created a Klaine & CrissColfer fanfic library blog.  It’s still under construction, but we wanted to make it public once we had a decent amount of fics already up.  There are currently over 100 Klaine and we’ve just started adding the CrissColfer ones.  The process is quite slow and time consuming because we want it to be as organized and user-friendly as possible.

Both Zinnia and I are running the blog, so if you have fic finding questions, or if you find an error, please send all questions and concerns to our ASK box.

Please be patient as we add fics, we literally have over 600 to go!  

When you’re on the blog, at the top there is a Klaine Fic Finder and a CrissColfer Fic Finder.  It will bring you to all the tags so you can search for what you’re looking for.  (some tags aren’t linked yet since we don’t have all fics added)


It’s quite a giant undertaking, but will be worth it in the end! Thanks for your patience!

~Lynne and Zinnia

Love Wins

Short little story about Kurt and Blaine’s reaction to the Supreme Court ruling.  In case you’ve been living under a rock today and have not heard, same-sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states, including my state and Ohio.  So, going back to Dreams Come True, when McKinley is starting the new school year in the fall of 2015, Kurt and Blaine’s marriage is recognized there.  I’m so happy for all of my friends who now can get married.  Love Wins.

674 words.  Rated: G

After staying up late the night before, Kurt and Blaine had decided to sleep in Friday morning.  They were awakened by Kurt’s cell phone ringing nonstop.

“Ugh,” Blaine said sleepily as he rolled over.  “Just answer it.”

Kurt groaned and reached out towards his phone on his nightstand.  “Hello?” he said, answering the phone.

“Hey Kurt,” Burt said.  “Sorry if I woke you up, but I’m pretty sure you’ll thank me.”

“Dad?  What’s up?”

“Bud, turn on your television to the news.”

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After All

Fluffy Klaine reaction fic for 6x08 “A Wedding” This is the conversation that takes them from boyfriends to newlyweds. Title comes from this gorgeous song. 1K [AO3]

“We have two brides. Do we have two grooms?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know. I just –what Burt and Carole were talking about earlier. And these last few months without you have been really-” Blaine stuttered out, too many thoughts in his brain to finish one sentence before moving onto the next.

“I love you, Kurt. I mean, I love you, I do.” With those words, Kurt found himself starting to hope that maybe somehow, they’d both arrived at the same insane impulse.

Blaine scrubbed a hand across his face, trying to put his muddled feelings into words. “This is crazy, but…”

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Gotta post this before it becomes obsolete tonight LOL

This is based on a major plot point of episode 6x10, which as of this posting hasn’t aired yet, so consider this your SPOILER ALERT.

Title: We Will Rise
Author: misskaterinab
Summary: Blaine and Kurt get devastating news about something very dear to them. But there is always a silver lining, even if it’s something small way down the line.

“Excuse me, Mr. Anderson-Hummel?”

Blaine spun around to find Jane, addressing him somewhat hesitantly. He smiled at the sight of the girl.

“Jane, I’m not your glee club director. You don’t have to be so formal with me. Heck, I know you call Kurt ‘Kurt,’ and he IS your director. I think you can safely call me 'Blaine.’”

Jane shuffled uncomfortably. 

Blaine, frowning, asked her, “Jane? What’s wrong?”

“Well you see, Mr. - I mean, Blaine - I got a text from one of the friends I made at my short time at Dalton on my way to rehearsal, and I thought he was just messing with me because he tends to do that, so I Googled, and… I really think you should see this.” She tapped the screen of her cell phone a few times and held the device out to Blaine.

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First Father’s Day

Kurt and Blaine have been fathers for two weeks.  They don’t even know what day it is when Burt and Carole show up.  Suddenly, they realize that it’s their first Father’s Day, and Burt’s got the whole day planned out for them.

1393 words.  Rated: PG

Kurt and Blaine were exhausted to put it mildly.  They were new parents.  Their daughter, Elizabeth, was just a couple weeks old.  They were trying to figure out this whole parenting thing.  Their days blended together, but they were determined not to let it get to them.  They really wanted to be the best parents ever.

One morning, the first morning that Kurt and Blaine almost got a decent amount of sleep, there was a knock on their door.  Kurt sleepily stumbled his way into their living room and opened the door.  On the other side stood Burt.

“Happy Father’s Day, Kurt,” Burt said with a smile on his face when Kurt opened the door.

“Happy Father’s Day to you too, Dad.”  Kurt looked at his dad in confusion, but the confusion didn’t last long.  Suddenly Kurt was wide awake.  “Oh my god.  It’s my first Father’s Day.”  He stepped aside and let Burt in just as Blaine was walking into the living room.

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What is Out With A Bang?

Out With A Bang is a six-month 50,000 word writing challenge celebrating the final season of Glee. Out With A Bang is a return to the novel-length big bangs of old and a final farewell to the show we love (or love to fix). Stories may involve any Glee-centric romantic pairing(s) or have no pairing at all (genfic). Authors will be paired with artists who work with multiple media, including digital art, traditional art, graphics, fanmixes, and fanvids.

To learn more about Out With A Bang, please read through our RULES and FAQ!

Dapper Dan and His Elfin Prince

 Anonymous prompted: Could you write something about Kurt bragging about Blaine to everyone at NYADA, so when Blaine actually arrives, everyone already knows who he is? Thanks!:) Fluff. 6.6K [AO3]

“Are you sure I’m not overdressed? Or underdressed?” Blaine worries, checking his reflection in the window of the bus for at least the third time in ten minutes. He straightens his bowtie and then looks to Kurt for reassurance.

“You’re perfect,” Kurt promises, squeezing his hand. “You are exactly the right amount of dressed.”

“Sorry, I’m just nervous,” he apologizes.

“I know, honey. I was terrified on my first day at NYADA too, but you’ve got nothing to worry about - especially when you have your handsome, wise boyfriend to show you the ropes,” Kurt grins.

“Don’t forget modest,” Blaine teases, leaning forward and capturing Kurt’s lips in a sweet kiss. “And technically it’s fiancé now, not boyfriend.”

“God, I’m still not used to that,” Kurt marvels, looking down at the intertwined hands to admire the simple platinum band on his ring finger.

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First fic rec update for 2015! Get ready! 21 Klaine and 8 CrissColfer!!

I think this is my biggest fic rec update to date!  Some FYIs for ya’ll…



FICS BY GENRE  (categories in order:  D/s, badboy!Blaine, badboy!Kurt, age gap, soulmate!Klaine, teacher!Klaine, sick/illness/ailment!Klaine, fantasy/scifi/supernatural, daddy!Klaine, famous!Klaine, fluffy!Klaine)

I understand that my rec lists are pretty huge and daunting so here’s a little tip - go to your FIND option on your browser and put in keywords that will help narrow your search.  ie: “Dalton” or “nerd” or “skank” etc. etc.

To find all my fic rec updates - use the tag Lynne-Recs


****A Perfect Collision verse by lostinfictionalworlds (Rated M – Complete)

AU. Kurt is a New York writer living in London, UK. He loves his life, surrounded by everything he could want but is still a little…lonely? He’s on his way home from work, sitting in a sea of awful London city traffic when he literally bumps into somebody who suddenly makes him a little less lonely.


How Deep Is The Ocean by flowerfan (Rated T – Complete)

After Blaine’s grandmother passes away, Kurt and Blaine have an unexpected opportunity to get away from it all. Canon compliant; takes place the summer after 5x20.


The Walls Keep Our Secret by thesoundofmeaning (Rated M – Complete)

AU: Kurt Hummel is a member of the New Directions of McKinley HS and Blaine Anderson is a member of the Warblers of Dalton Academy. The schools’ show choirs have been feuding for years and it is a rule that members never associate with each other. But when Kurt and Blaine have a chance encounter that could change their lives forever, will they give all of that up for their groups?


Can’t Press Eject by pointlessfangirl (Rated T – Complete)

Kurt and Blaine are best friends. They’re both straight. Until Kurt maybe isn’t. Loosely based off of the MTV show Faking It. Two Shot.

Standing Still by andIheardeverything (Rated M – WIP)

Despite his better judgement, Kurt signs up for an online dating website and is surprised to find he’s a pretty popular potential love interest. But amidst the six-packs and shirtless profile pictures, he gets a message from a boy name Blaine. A shy, mysterious boy, who Kurt finds himself inexplicably drawn to. But Blaine has a secret, one he’s not sure if he wants Kurt to know.  *this fic deals with Tourrette syndrome   **I’m really loving this story so far – it’s beautifully written


Scraps Of Love by xCaellachx (Rated M – Complete)

In a world where children are made to order and citizens must be married by the age of 25, fashion guru Kurt Hummel finds himself in a nightmare. The man he’d hoped to marry had run off and now, with no husband, he would be matched by the government. He must return to his hometown of Lima and face a stranger he would spend the rest of his life with. A/U, future!fic


High Holidays by twitchysquirrel (Rated M – Complete)

This is the story of Kristoff Kringlemann and Thrand Sanderson and how they met.  Or maybe not.  But the thing is, when you start off with a little white lie–like maybe your real name is Kurt Hummel and you’re not really an investment banker–it’s kind of hard to tell the truth eventually.  Even if you fall in love.  Set to the Twelve Days of Christmas in a very tortured way.



A Weekend In The Country by luckie_dee (Rated M – Complete)

When the grand opening of Kurt’s bed and breakfast fails to bring in any guests, Blaine hatches a plan to get some publicity. An AU of the Dawson’s Creek episode by the same name.


Cooking With Blaine by luckie_dee (Rated M – Complete 12K)

Klaine holiday fic inspired by this gifset. When Kurt accidentally sets his saucepan on fire while watching the first holiday episode of Cooking with Blaine, he sets off a chain of events that leads to a life-changing December.  *OMG this is too adorbz!


Case Study by purseplayer (Rated M – Complete)  ***she is transferring this story from her Tumblr – it’s complete but not all up on AO3 just yet

In an alternate universe, Kurt and Blaine room together at DaltonAcademy for Special Education, a boarding school for boys and girls who suffer from various mental health issues. Each boy carries his own burden, and they couldn’t be more different… but sometimes the right differences can make two people fit.

Warning: This story takes place in an AU world where Kurt and Blaine both have serious mental health disorders and end up rooming together at a boarding school geared towards special education. I work in mental health, so I’m familiar with this stuff and will try to be as accurate as possible, but please keep in mind that this is a work of fiction. This story will be extremely angsty at times, and also extremely fluffy. Please heed any individual chapter warnings.

Also, Kurt and Blaine are in the same grade here, both juniors at the start of the story.

*I am in serious LOVE with this story, like seriously it’s amazing and endearing and touched my heart & soul. Please do give it a chance.

Everything But You by marauder_in_warblerland (Rated M – Complete) 

Blaine’s been hearing things– unusual things– but Sam can’t seem to understand. This is a story about gaps, mysteries, and longing, but most of all, it’s a story about love.  *sort of supernatural – very, very cool story.


Definition by villageidiot (Rated G – Complete 10K)

Kurt and Blaine are pretty much the definition of soulmates.  *this 10K one shot is sweet perfection.

The Conversation’s Trivial But Trivial Is Fine by DreamingKate (Rated M – Complete)

Blaine is injured in a hate crime and suffers from brain damage as a result. After waiting for days for him to wake up Kurt is horrified to find that Blaine has Wernicke’s Aphasia and can not understand anything that is said to him or say anything that makes sense.  braindamaged!Blaine


Heaven Sent You To Me by thesoundofmeaning (Rated M – Complete)

 AU: Burt doesn’t survive his heart attack. Kurt winds up living with Carole and Finn and doesn’t think he’ll ever be happy again. That is until he meets Blaine Anderson, the boy who brings music back to his life, laughter back to his face, and love back to his heart.  *not gonna lie – the first few chapters HURT LIKE HELL but the story is so sweet – slight angst – but overall sweet and lovely


Bowties Of Love by slayerkitty (Rated R – Complete)

Blaine’s a recent college grad/out of work actor when Cooper drops a job in his lap: be the new bachelor for a reality show on the LOGO network. He’ll get work experience and maybe even fall in love. The only problem is, he finds himself developing feelings for the one of the shows producers, Kurt Hummel, instead of any of the contestants.

In You I Trust by savannah_blue  (Rated M – WIP)

Blaine is determined to stay unclaimed even though any Dom who gets him alone can force a claim on him once he turns eighteen. He doesn’t even last a day.  D/s  dom!Kurt  sub!Blaine


Afraid To Fall by Larry_Klaine_Stylinson (Rated M – Complete)

When Blaine Anderson’s father loses all of their money, they’re forced to relocate from their expensive house in Westerville, where Blaine has been attending DaltonAcademy, to Lima, where Blaine will be attending WilliamMcKinleyHigh School. And he couldn’t be less excited. Until he notices an extremely attractive Cheerio, named Kurt Hummel, who he’s determined to get to know.  Cheerio!Kurt/Nerd!Blaine



Inspired by “accidentally called your number while drunk asking for a ride and you actually came AU.   *really cute one-shot!

A Show To Remember by klaines-deepest-desires (Rated NC17 – Complete 7K)

AU, During a weekend trip, Kurt and Blaine take part in an experience they never thought they ever would at a club one night and end up putting on a show to remember, much to the annoyance of one man who had his eyes set on Blaine.  Kinks/Warnings: Top!Kurt/Bottom!Blaine, Dom!Kurt/Sub!Blaine (slight), Rough sex, facefucking, bareback, size!kink, hung!Kurt, possessive!Kurt, exhibition, voyeurism, public sex, rimming, tiny bit of comeplay, sex party/orgy, background threesome (not Klaine), Sebastian making an appearance, mostly lurking in the background (shameless smut)


Ink verse by wunderxfunk (Rated M – WIP)

Meet cute AU: Blaine is a florist and Kurt is a tattoo artist from the shop next door.  *freaking adorable verse so far!!


Books, Summer, Coffee and You by justanartist (Rated M – Complete)

Blaine loves books, Blaine loves to study and he is in love with the popular Kurt Hummel for two years now. But he never talked to Kurt, never made eye contact with him and he doubts that Kurt even knows he exists.

nerd!barista!Blaine and popular!Kurt   *very cute – there’s a sequel that I haven’t had the chance to read yet but I will!



Blink Back To Let Me Know by roblaine (Rated T – Complete)

"Once you meet your soulmate, you’ll know.”

There aren’t any sort of marks tying you to your soulmate, you just know that it’s them when you see their face for the first time. Darren grew up waiting for the day he would meet his own soulmate, while Chris dreaded finding his. But then, Darren gets a role on Glee, and everything changes.  Soulmates!CrissColfer


Stay and Staying by Neaf (Rated M – Complete)

On tour, Chris has a moment of self doubt. Darren decides to show him just how amazing he really is.


Happy As Long As You Walk The Earth by secretcrisscolferunicorn (Rated PG – Complete)

Chris is a writer who books a trip to HighclereCastle, the shooting location for Downtown Abbey. While there, his lovelife reaches Downton-like drama when he meets actor, Darren Criss.

Benefactor by drosophilase (Rated T – Complete 5K)

Chris and Darren are retired celebrities that seldom coexist peacefully in their small artsy town. When one of the cornerstone Bridgeview citizens has to abandon her no-kill animal shelter, Chris steps up to help out. And so does Darren. Next thing he knows, Chris is volunteering to live at the animal shelter in the interim. ….So does Darren.


Left Of Penn by twobirdsonesong (Rated T – Complete)

Darren is making his way through law school in Baltimore when he gets invited to a rooftop BBQ with some friends. He meets Chris, an art student at a neighboring school, and discovers that sometimes falling in love is just that easy.

How Many Miles by dizzy (Rated M – Complete)

Fine. You’re a closeted actor with a drinking problem, and I’m the prostitute you’re fucking. Maybe you’re right, maybe we do belong together.  Escort!Chris


12 Days Of Christmas by serohtonin (Rated M – Complete)

Darren decides to celebrate Christmas early. I don’t own anyone and I don’t claim any of these events to be true. I’m going to write and post twelve drabbles, inspired by the song 12 Days of Christmas.   *really wonderful canon CC verse – many, many FEELS

The Bluebird as She Sings

Eleven months in the journey Kurt and Blaine take to become parents, from Rachel offering to be their surrogate through the birth. Klaine reaction fic for “Dreams Come True” with background St. Berry. Now with gorgeous art by abritincanadatwo TW: Discussions of IVF medical procedures, ultrasounds, childbirth, and brief mentions of Finn’s death. 8K [AO3]
For ecklainer who got some very good news this week and who loves pregnancy fic more than anyone else Iknow <3

Two Months Prior

“Ooh, she looks pretty,” Blaine says, pointing to a woman with dark curly hair and bright blue eyes. She looks like a healthy mixture of Blaine and Kurt which is what initially catches his eye.

“Okay, let’s see,” Kurt scans her page of details. “Donor #7824: She’s 28, no known illnesses or family history of hereditary diseases. She got her degree in Finance from Northwestern and she works at Goldman Sachs.”

“So she’s clearly smart,” Blaine nods. “That sounds promising.”

“Yeah, I like her,” Kurt agrees. “Add her to the list.”

Blaine scribbles down the donor number on the notepad he’s balancing on his knee. They’ve nearly filled the entire page but they’re still no closer to making a decision than they had been a week ago. He had no clue that parenthood and surrogacy were so complicated.

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What It All Comes Down To

She left when I was still in bed this morning, she left to go into the studio to run a few numbers with some of the other dancers. Because she’s her, and she’s absolutely incredible, she set a hot cup of coffee on the nightstand, and crawled up over me in her leggings and t-shirt and she kissed me with that same kiss she does every morning, that I’ll miss you and I can’t wait to see you later kiss that never fails to make my heart try to leap from my chest. This morning, it makes my heart leap even more than it normally does, this morning, I can’t get it to stop jumping, jumping, jumping, even an hour later, this morning, I feel like I’m floating. This morning, I’m out of my mind with excitement (and, really, a crazy amount of butterflies), because this morning, while she’s at work, I’m going to go and buy her the thing I’ve been thinking about since the day I asked her to come to New York with me, this morning, I’m going to buy her a ring.

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Matchmakers, a glee fanfic | FanFiction

Title: Matchmakers, Chapter 1
Rating: M
Pairings: Brittana romance, Pezberry/Kurtana/Brittberry/Kurttany/Hummelberry friendship
Genre: Romance/Friendship/Humor
Summary: What should Santana and Brittany do when they’ve reached their happy ending and their love life couldn’t be better? Meddle in the love lives of all their friends, of course! Sequel to Set the World on Fire
Status: In-progress
Words: 11,000 +

okay, so these past few days i’ve been really sad periodically because Glee is ending in three months and i’m really scared that the Faberry fandom is just going to…disappear within months of the show ending. and because you’re all truly awesome to have stuck with this show that ruined a lot over the years and you still go about believing in a couple that will never officially be. so i’d be sad to see that go.

i guess i want to know if that fear is justified.

so if you’re part of the Faberry fandom (writer, artist, enthusiast, etc.) and you still plan on being a somewhat active part of it a year from now, reblog this or like it or something.

if you don’t, then at least i shall know.

From the Moment We Touched

Tiny 6x07 fix it!fic, because I couldn’t leave Klaine’s story on that evil cliffhanger for an entire week. Spoilers for 6x07 “Transitioning” and brief mentions of Kurt/Walter and Blaine/Dave. Title/musical inspiration comes from this. 1.3K [AO3]

“Hurry up, Rachel. We’re going to miss our reservation at Breadstix!” Kurt called across the parking lot as Rachel dashed out the front door of McKinley.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” she yelled, jogging over to Walter’s BMW as she struggled to button up her coat against the brisk wind. “Geez, it’s freezing out,” Rachel commented as she slid into the backseat next to Sam.

“I can keep you warm,” Sam offered, sliding an arm around her shoulders. Rachel giggled, leaning gratefully into his embrace.

“What did Blaine need, Rachel?” Kurt asked, trying for casual.

“Oh, I have no idea, he said he forgot what he needed to tell me.”

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April Fic Rec Update! 10 Klaine and 3 CrissColfer!

Happy weekend, everyone!  FYI - since my lists are pretty darn insanely long (the Klaine one is pushing 600!), the best way to find a fic is to use your “FIND” function on your browser and put in keywords for things you might want to read such as Cheerio!Klaine or Badboy or D/s or Age!Gap, etc.  I also have a Fics By Genre page with many categories.  And finally, I tag my ongoing fic recs with Lynne-recs so if you go to that tag you’ll see everything I read and rec on a more current basis.  

NOW COMPLETE:  Second Chances  badboy!Blaine daddy!Kurt

Klaine Fic Rec List

CrissColfer Fic Rec List

Fic Recs by Genre


Wedding Day Blues by  pulling-the-puzzles-apart (Rated M – Complete)

AU Klaine Blaine meets hairstylist!Kurt when he has his hair styled for his wedding day but what will happen if the wedding doesn’t happen?

Gimme Shelter by kurtswish (Rated M – Complete)

On a joyride out with friends, Blaine stumbles upon a man that would change his life forever. It is a time when changes are coming swiftly with Civil Rights laws and Vietnam on the forefront of everyone’s minds. Finding each other and romance should have been the hard part, but what will two young men endure in the time of free love and war.

Wise by thestairwell (Rated M – Complete)

Kurt Hummel is combat boots and Judy Garland vinyls, tattoos and a silk pajamas, multicolored hair and Vogue magazines by his bed. He’s beautiful. One day, he’s going to break Blaine’s heart, and that’s okay.

After his parents’ deaths, Blaine moves to Lima for his senior year under his brother’s guardianship. A broken engine leads him to meet Kurt, and starts him on the journey to repairing his relationship to the only family he has left.  Badboy!Kurt

Off Limits by munchkinpandas (Rated M – WIP)

For once in Blaine Anderson’s life he was pretty happy with how his life was going. He had an epic college experience with his best friend Jamie. They partied way too much, studied way too little and slept with their fair share of the best ASU had to offer. But one rejection letter later and Jamie was moving to San Diego to pursue his PHD while Blaine got accepted to the doctorate program at their Alma Mater. ASU without Jamie didn’t make sense to Blaine and he was not happy about it. To top everything off Jamie asked Blaine to look after his little brother Kurt who was starting his freshman year of college. Kurt wasn’t the little kid he pictured when Jamie asked Blaine to let him move in and it was clear things were about to change even more than Blaine had expected. In short, Blaine Anderson was screwed. Age!Gap


Folaigh by sunshineoptimismandangels (Rated M – Complete)

Blaine’s ordinary life is turned upside down when on vacation in Ireland he stumbles upon a small village tucked away and seemingly untouched by the outside world. The people of Folaigh almost seem magical especially the mysterious and compelling Kurt Hummel who is quickly stealing Blaine’s heart.

Kurt longs for adventure and love, and finds more than he ever dreamed of in Blaine, but knows the secrets of Folaigh may end up breaking his heart and keeping him from Blaine.  Fantasy!Klaine


All The Other Ghosts by rainjoy (Rated M – Complete)

It’s a big city for one more lost soul in a mask. Superhero AU. *massive disclaimer from me – I’m 23 chapters in to this 30 chapter story (there’s a sequel as well) and although I passed over it forever, I finally decided to give it a shot and I’m so damn hooked, so involved, SO INTO THIS THING I cannot even tell you.  Despite the “superhero” aspect, it’s an amazing story of love and sacrifice and devotion and omg every time I sit down to read one long chapter I end up reading for 3 hrs at a time.  Please give this a shot – I think you’ll be happy you did)

Can also be found on rainjoy’s LJ:


At The Oasis by alilactree (Rated M – Complete)

In 1932 America is still in the grips of the Great Depression and Blaine Anderson is fed up with his bland life in Lima, Ohio. When he decides to head to New York  City in search of adventure he meets a performer named Kurt Hummel at an illegal speakeasy, and gets more excitement than he ever dreamed possible at The Oasis. Historical!Klaine


The Hearing Verse by adiwriting (Rated M – WIP – 48 works in the verse so far with new ones added quite often)

Blaine’s been Deaf his entire life and never once has he considered dating a hearing person, but Kurt’s different.   *this is a wonderful story – truly beautiful and spans the time from teenagers to adulthood and parenthood

The Cuffed Verse by skivvysupreme (Rated M – WIP – 5 works in the verse so far) 

In which Kurt is a Skank, Blaine is a Cheerio, and Puck is a very proactive Klaine shipper. Skank!Kurt  Cheerio!Blaine

Syncopation by alianne82 (Rated M – WIP)

In this fic: Kurt’s in his third year at NYADA while Blaine is a high school senior (slight age difference), and Burt is sick. There is angst, but also fluff. I’m still writing this and will be posting the parts as I finish them. It’s probably going to be around four or five parts altogether. I just really wanted to put this out there now and share it, I’ll try to get the next parts to you quickly as possible.


With A Cherry On Top by quizasvivamos  (Rated T – Completed in 12 parts) 

Blaine has a less than favorable summer job driving an ice cream truck, but he soon finds that the job has some very sweet perks.  AU NYC!Klaine   *very sweet verse – adult Klaine in NYC – enjoyed it a lot.


Crosstown79 by twobirdsonesong (Rated T – Complete)

It’s raining and he’s wearing thick glasses and a blue beanie when Chris first sees him, with dark curls peeking out from under the damp wool.  He’s also a witch, Chris can tell.  AU – Supernatural


That’s Where I Belong by lovetheblazer (Rated T – 7K Complete) 

ticklishblaine prompted: CrissColfer + “you’re so in sync it’s creepy.” Five times Darren and Chris are so in sync that everyone notices and one time that they aren’t.

Don’t Think Twice (It’s all right) by heavenorspace & twobirdsonesong (Rated M – 8K Complete)

It’s not much farther before Darren turns up a narrow, freshly plowed driveway and Chris stares through the windshield at the house that suddenly rises up ahead.

With a pitched roof, fine stonework, and a wooden wrap-around deck, the two-story home looks like something out of a winter fairytale. Complete with frost on the windows and gleaming icicles along the eaves.

“Your family has a ski lodge in the mountains,” Chris murmurs as the car rolls to a stop alongside the house. 

Darren snorts. “Are you really surprised? And it’s more of a cabin, really.”