Glee spoilers

Okay, so Jesse rekindles his relationship with Rachel when she moves back to New York, stars in his first musical, wins a Tony either for that musical or another one (THANK GOD, because Jesse St. James is immensely talented and I always knew he was going to be a star if RIB would just let him become one!), makes his peace with Rachel’s friends and is now on good terms with them all, proposes to Rachel, MARRIES her, is the director in a musical starring her, supports her decision to be Kurt/Blaine’s (gestational???) surrogate, can’t wait to have his very own kids with her and is there supporting her when she wins her very own first Tony. 

In short, just like he promised, he makes all her dreams come true. 

Are they talking about Klaine or maybe...hmmm

Becky: But coach, they’re barely looking at each other!

Sue: That’s because their chemistry is so intense if they were actually to make eye contact oh my the emotion would be such they’d have to disappear behind the nearest dumpster and just hump hump hump hump hump.

Becky: But, it looks like they don’t even like each other.  (oh, hello CC doubters “they hate each other”)

but Glee is not a documentary…