Glee family

Antonio Lynn||16||Student||Justin Bieber||OPEN||


  • Has a gangster attitude.
  • Nice to everyone, even if he dislikes them.
  • He goes by the saying ‘Keep your enemies close’
  • On the swim team, but wants to quit for something like football.
  • His dream is to become a singer but he doesn’t believe he’d make it.

Secret: Up to rper

All the glee actors and creators are handling things with such grace and respect despite their own grieving.  Ryan + Co (and Fox) could have easily just been, ‘the show must go on’, but they’re going that extra mile to make people comfortable and healthy.  Lea could have (rightfully) demanded extra time but wants to keep going.  Ryan, back in March, could have written Finn off the show and let Cory go, but instead got him help. 

Just…huge admiration for everyone right now.

you guys please don’t be insensitive to those who are wondering what the future holds for the show

just because they are curious does not mean they don’t care that a beautiful life was lost, someone that they loved dearly

I’m sure all of us have briefly asked ourselves as we are mourning what will happen to the show from here on out but are too afraid to voice our concerns because people will call us insensitive

Cory is and will always be our main concern. We’re all grieving and we all care about what happened

but please do not shame people for daring to ask what happens next for the show because that is another concern for us. Not nearly as important as the death of this beautiful man who we all love, but it is still important to us to know who, when, and how they will move forward with the show.

Just because we have concerns about glee’s future does not make us any more devastated over the loss of this wonderful human being