Behind the Glee Silly Love Songs

So I have been re-watching Glee. Honestly, say what you want about Glee, the fact is they still had tons of LGBT characters, representation, relationships, and they still are pretty much unsurpassed by anything currently on basic cable (except maybe HTGAWM). Especially considering the show was made for young people. And think about how easy it would’ve been to make a musical show about “straight” people. It could’ve easily been done. But instead, the reality of a lot of people who gravitate toward the glee club/theater wasn’t ignored or painted over. Still not thrilled with how they treated bisexuality at times, but they at least had a prominent and well-loved bi character. They had several main characters who were bi or gay as well as two major trans characters. And their MAIN same gender relationships ended up happy together in a dual gay wedding I mean. Really.

Fic: The Next Masterchef, chapter 5

Summary: Masterchef AU: Alternative meeting. (No one knows each other, no glee club, etc) Kurt, Blaine and sixteen other contestants compete to see who will become the next Masterchef. For Kurt, he’s not going to let anything get in his way of winning - even the (admittedly cute) Blaine Anderson.

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Kurt wakes up a bit later that morning than he wanted to. He’d fallen asleep reading over a new cookbook he’d picked up down the street (he told himself he wasn’t making notes in his head about what he’d do for his own cookbook, because he had so much further to go in the competition to get that ahead of himself) and thus, forgot to set an alarm.

He has to skip his yoga and instead showers and gets ready for the day. He’s just about to leave for breakfast when Sam rolls out of bed to grab a pair of jeans and shirt, saying, “wait up!” as he opens the door.

“You and my brother are too similar for comfort,” he says as he stands, holding the door and waiting for him to slip into a pair of shoes. At least he’s stopped blushing at the sight of Sam in boxers – the only thing he slept in every night. Plus Sam was too young, too….well. It was weird.

“I wanna meet him,” says Sam. “One day. He seems like a cool dude.” As they walk down the hall, Sam uses his hands to comb out his hair. It’s actually unfair that it looks good after he’s finished.

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