Glee Song Tournament (S5): Sweet Sixteen 1

Welcome to the Season Five Song Tournament!!!

The tournament will be set up like the previous ones, voting on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  

****So – no matter which way you slice it, season five only has 118 songs.  So! Instead of giving certain songs ‘Byes’, I put all them all at the end of Bracket H.  Meaning, Bracket H will just have less matches in it.****

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To vote: List the episode you want to win within each match in a response and then reblog.  You have exactly two days (next ) at 8am (U.S. EST)) to cast your vote. Go, go, go!

Bracket A Finals: 

Got to Get You Into My Life (5x01)

All You Need is Love (5x01)

Bracket B Finals:

You Make Me Feel So Young (5x14)

Let it Be (5x02)

Bracket C Finals: 

Make You Feel My Love (5x03)

I’m Still Here (5x15)

Bracket D Finals: 

Love is a Battlefield (5x16)

No One is Alone (5x15)

Trask also wanted Criss for the role and approached him during a Broadway opening-night party. He admired Criss’ performance in “Glee,” in which he played gay teen Blaine Anderson.

“He just kind of jumped off the screen,” Trask says. “You’ve got this show with a certain amount of machinery around all the performances, but Darren just popped out of the machine. He was clearly operating on a different level.

Hedwig In SF 10/26/16

As a surprise, my mom got me another matinee ticket to see Hedwig again! I got into SF a little bit after noon and had some food before I went to pick up my rush ticket. Being as it was a weekday matinee, there were some open seats at the front so I snuck up closer to the stage when the lights when down. *evil laughter* The show was of course, amazing! (although there was a moment there in the beginning when my heart stopped: Darren almost slipped off the stage during his ‘supportive planks’ monologue, thankfully he took it in stride and worked the mishap into his lines. He was fine and not in need of medical attention)

I, as usual, waited at the stage door (this time with flowers for Lena and Darren) Today was unusually hectic due to the fact that it is a two show day for Lena, she headlines as Hedwig on Wednesday nights while Darren heads out after the matinee performance. The poor woman was in such a hurry she couldn’t pose for pictures; she had to run up main street, grab food, and run back to get ready for her next show. The funny part: as we are waiting for Darren, she comes running back up the street with a to-go cup and doggy bag with my flower in between her teeth. LOL!!! 

Then the wait for Darren begins… almost 90 minutes passed and out he comes looking like a model! A fancy duster jacket and matching shoes to boot… The best part was that he started at my end of the line rather than forcing us to wait like the last time <3 He immediately took in my attire for the afternoon (nude flats, jeans, a beige henley, pigtails, and best of all- my Harley Quinn ‘puddin’ collar) and then says “I love that! What does it say?” And then he twisted my collar to get a better look *yes, ladies and gents: Darren Criss touched me and played with my collar* I told him it was from Suicide Squad and HQ had an identical one; he admitted he hadn’t seen it but he love’s Margot Robbie! He shook my hand and asked me my name, then he smiled and said “I really love the look! Super cool”  I thanked him again and told him how proud we still are of him and how much we appreciate his dedication to his craft. Then, like the noob I am, I handed him his flower. He seemed shocked that I got him one but he said thanks and signed my program before squeezing my hand one more time and moving on to the rest of the people waiting.

As before, I have nothing but positive things to say about both Darren and Lena. (Good luck tonight, Ms. Hall!!) She is so incredibly talented and gracious and he is one of the most humble and kind-hearted actors I have ever met. If you are fortunate enough to meet either of these wonderful people, I suggest that you revel in the moment and thank them for their talent. Cheers, guys!

For you again, my darling @maclexa-bane


This took me so long, but I found 12 characters I headcanon as Asexual and edited these pictures into this big one. I’m not good at editing pictures and I’m using Sony Vegas 8.0 while not really knowing what I’m doing but hey, I tried and therefore no one can judge me.

Black line: Annie Eddison (Community), Castiel (Supernatural), Enjolras (Les Miserables)

Grey Line: Bucky Barnes (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games), Dr Leonard - Bones - McCoy (Star Trek)

White Line: Marley Rose (Glee), The Doctor (Doctor Who), Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)

Purple line: Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter), Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory), Cathy Earnshaw (Wuthering Heights).

Feel free to hit me up with my headcanons regarding any of these and asexuality or any other characters from these fandoms and their sexuality/romantic attractions as well.