“[Thel ‘Vadam]’s already had [his grandest adventure]. Post-Halo3 he is a bureaucrat—a terrifyingly intimidating bureaucrat—but a bureaucrat nonetheless." 

- Frank O'Connor/Robt McLees (emphasis mine)


So much intimidation.

“[Jul] expected Thel ‘Vadam to round on him, but the Arbiter just snapped his jaws together a couple of times in amusement as if there was something he should have told Jul, but chose not to.”

- Glasslands pg 60

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“‘Vadam walked over to the balustrade that separated the floor from the first tier of seats to look up at Jul. It wasn’t a threatening gesture. It seemed more like curiosity to see what this upstart, this young elder of a small keep, looked like at closer quarters.”

- Glasslands pg 61

“The Arbiter turned as if he hadn’t been expecting Hood so soon. Instead of waiting for Hood to come to him, though, he took a few steps forward to close the gap… And he actually held out his hand for shaking.”

- Glasslands pg 357-358

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“‘My apologies for not receiving you, Scholar,’ [Thel] said. “You profess and interest in our culture. What can we show you?”

- Glasslands pg 425

“The Arbiter inclined his head ‘…The nursery analogy is complete, then.’ The Arbiter left. So he had a sense of humor after all.”

- Glasslands pg 425

Such terror.


Disclosure - ‘48207: The zip code of Detroit, home to J Dilla, one of our biggest influences.

RH20SD: Postcode in Surrey, England of Reigate College, the college attended by Guy and Howard of Disclosure.

11211: The zip code of Williamsburg, home to Glasslands, which was the first venue Disclosure ever played in New York City.

EC1Y7GD: The postcode of the place where “Latch” was written.

769,346: Total sales in America of “Latch” to date’