Glass Collection

Lance Head canons
  • Is like scary good at math and chemistry, everything just clicks with him and it once caused a teacher to think we was cheating on his advanced calculus tests because they took him no time at all 
  • He makes all of his own skin care and hair care products, he did so on Earth and continues to do so in space
  • Hasn’t learned many science names in English so often times his abilities are underestimated because people think he doesn’t understand
  • Isn’t the oldest but is the second oldest. The oldest is his big sister, and she is 3 years older than him.
  • He taught his younger siblings how to swim, and many of his cousins
  • Loves mermaids and the ocean so much that he has a collection of glass figurines in his room at home with them as the theme
  • Can hold his breath for nearly 4 and a half minutes and is working to increase it
  • Lance is absolutely the person who will drop 30-50$ on a single eye shadow palette and he’s done it many times
  • Is bisexual as fuck
  • Hasn’t ever really dated anybody because he was focused on doing well in the Garrison, but he really likes to flirt, but he doesn’t really want it to go anywhere
  • Sees Pidge as a little sister because she reminds him of Sophia, his 12 year old sister who is really smart and also wanted to join the Garrison
  • Always second guesses himself and doesn’t really view himself as super smart despite everything he can do which sometimes puts him at a disadvantage
  • Had the biggest crush on Prince Zuko from Avatar the Last Air bender as well as Katara