Covers are finished and ready to be uploaded to the Tube. Can’t wait for you all to hear how terrible my cat impressions are :D…..Wait…What???? #AReasonForThis #art #artist #acoustic #acousticrock #acousticguitar #cover #dream #dreambig #defendpoppunk #guitar #glasgow #guitarist #indie #music #musician #newmusic #musicvideo #musicislife #punk #poppunk #punkrock #singer #songwriter #songs #youtube


Burlesque and sideshow performer Kim Khaos in EL TIGRE GRIND! An exotica bump ‘n’ grind wherein a lonely jaguar stalks the heart of the jungle in search of prey to entrance and seduce…

Starring: Kim Khaos
Filmed/directed/edited by Mark Liddell Photography



-My birthday today :)

-Heard this song in a charity shop in Glasgow today

-Gonna be finishing my new zine next week, it’s nearly ready! 

-Sandra’s making pizza, right now!



I was staring at this Glasgow calander my dad sent me, and was just thinking about how when you google “Glasgow” you get pictures like these, which are very nice but feature basically no dwellings or any sign that people actually live there… thought I’d make a collection of a few of the less attractive, sometimes considered “rough” areas where a lot of Glasgow’s working class people come from…they’re not as photogenic but they are still an essential part of what makes Glasgow the city it is, that magical quality that they’re always trying to sum up in a slogan so they can attract investments or whatever - not for these places mind you

From the top: Possilpark, Haghill, Nitshill, Dalmarnock, Toryglen, The Gorbals, Easterhouse, Priesthill, Sighthill


G.I.S.H.W.H.E.S. 2015

want to know what its like to gish but were too afraid/confused to ask?
some items me and the sis done as part of Team EndverseMazer!

Got a tweet favourited by an astronaut, hoovered the lawn channeling 1950s realness, made taylor swift out of rice+lentils+kidney beans, helped some researchers determine how good their shape judging automatons are, invented a delicious/inedible recipe, wrote fluently in legalese, modelled as lovingly posed William Shatner’s from past and present in front of the Duke of Wellington (in his correct costume), made a Leaning Tower of G.I.S.H.W.H.E.S. , pizza-d the Colosseum and froliced at a Scottish Castle with the gish posse.


Glaswegians! And other places in the UK. Have you ever eaten at Las Iguanas on West Nile Street?

You probably should stop.


Las Iguanas are forcing staff to pay back cash at the end of each shift, potentially even when the staff have not received any tips.

This is the way it works: Las Iguanas require staff to pay back 3% of their total sales for the night (5.5% in London) - in cash - to the management at the end of each shift. The money is meant to be paid by waiters from their pot of tips but, because it bears no relation to how much a waiter actually takes in tips, it can wipe out his or her entire income from gratuities in a busy night.

Fuck places like these. Take two minutes out and sign this petition if you can. Thanks!