In 1989, the people of Scotland were subjected to the poll tax a year earlier than the people of England and Wales. We were used as an experimental guinea pig then, and now 27 years later, Glasgow is being used as a disastrous experiment in how else to fuck over people looking for work.

Going from 16 jobcentres to 8 across the city? Maryhill jobcentre moving to Springburn? Great, that will mean people will probably have to get two buses instead of one. Oh, they were late for their appointment because of all this travelling? Whoops, guess they’ll have their benefits sanctioned for that then.


The Tories are making it humiliating and demoralising to be unemployed. They are making it harder and harder to access any sort of services where people can get back into employment. They will not stop until those at the very bottom have died off. And given that they already have killed people through benefit sanctions, the experiment here is to see how many Glaswegians will suffer too.