It’s hard to describe seeing a glacier for the first time: the seemingly unnatural color, how still it appears to be when in fact it is a moving river, the god-like size that reminds you of your fragile, ephemeral life… all I can say is that I couldn’t stop staring until I had become completely enchanted


Hey friends! Sorry it’s been a minute, I’ve been busy as HECK. 

Regardless, last year I went on an amazing residency trip with the @lightgreyartgallery​ family. We just opened a show featuring the artists who went on the trip, dedicated to the land and lore of Iceland. 

I did these 2 illustrations as an expression of the insignificance, yet powerful relationship you feel to the land there.

Both of these are available as prints from Light Grey, and can be found here (and on the second page of this link as well)

Thanks for looking!~


Gray Malin’s photoseries brings kitschy accoutrement of summer pool parties to Antarctica. In turn, the cool arctic landscapes become conflated with summer waterparks– a reality that’s perhaps not too far off considering how fast the glaciers are melting!! You can purchase the prints here with proceeds going to The Climate Reality Project.