Spectating (Part 2 oooh)

The Glaceon glanced at the bouncer again, shook her head. She was finding another way in. Fresca went around to the right side of the building. She observed the surroundings.

There was a ladder leading up to the roof. She pondered this, only to discard the thought. The stadium was over 450 feet high. What was the point of climbing for that amount of time, to get basically no gain.

There was a door. It was a fancy door, looked out of place with its surroundings.
There was a window on the top center of it. Fresca stood up but couldn’t see through it. She went back to observation and found a discarded footstool.

She propped herself up and looked through the window. Inside was a waiting area, for trainers. She could tell because all of the people in there had pokemon. Except for one. Her owner. She started to feel somber and stepped off the footstool.

After she arrived at the front part of the stadium, she was a little hesitant with checking the left, but she did so anyway.

Fresca was surprised to see a door left wide open. She entered to find the main lobby, where everyone was. She concealed herself in the crowd and made her way to the front.

A battle was going on, a Lurantis and a Golduck. Fresca used her average common sense to foresee the Golduck’s loss. The sigh of seeing the hurt pokemon saddened her.

She continued to watch the battles for a while until she got drowsy. She exited the way she came and trudged back to her alley. She curled up under the box, and fell asleep.