Glaad Awards 2013

Criss then sang his version of Call Me Maybe.

“We still wish we could go; The law said don’t ask, don’t tell; Then we watched as it fell; It’s a brand new day; So, now I have a new wish; Two guys, two chicks they can kiss and feel that true wedding bliss; ‘Cause it’s a brand new day; You start proposing, feel that big emotion for life-long devotion; This is where we’re going baby.”

“Hey, hey Supreme Court we say no; Hey, so goodbye DOMA, and so long Prop 8; Send out your invites for the wedding day; So long DOMA, and goodbye Prop 8.”

—  Glee: Darren Criss Sings ‘So Long DOMA, And Goodbye Prop 8’ At GLAAD Media Awards, On Top Magazine

[You do quite a lot of charity work. How important is giving back to you? How did you choose the various foundations you support?] It’s really, really important to give back, whether you’re in the entertainment industry or not. It’s something that everyone should do and should want to do. I have my own reasons for getting involved with the various charities that I’m a part of and I want to start something else on my own - a cause with my own vision of what I’d like to make a difference in and with my own direction. But I think it’s everyone’s responsibility to give back.” x