Glaad Awards 2012

anonymous asked:

Actually I think it was because she said the "Kissing girls is fun" comment and the fact that the guy she kissed was her friends boyfriend and that it was decided beforehand who she was going to kiss. (staged basically). But I don't care. She was there, it was for charity, the girl even played light sabers with some strangers kids after the event with no shoes on. I mean c'mon.

I heard that she actually said, “Kissing girls is fine.” I mean, I don’t know what the context of it was. I’m not sure really anyone on tumblr does at this point, but to get so up in arms over something like that is absurd. Just look at everything Dianna’s done for the Trevor Project, the amount of money and time she’s given, and how shes been a HUGE supporter of the LGBT community from day one!

I also heard the rumor that the guy who won the kiss was her agent’s boyfriend. Again, don’t know the truth about this, but they raised money so *shrug*. If it is true, I am a little disappointed that it was staged, but in the end it’s all for charity. Maybe she had a legit reason for it? Maybe they were worried she wouldn’t bring enough money in (it’s her first time hosting) so they set it up beforehand? Maybe she told her agent that she wanted to make sure she brought in a certain amount and if the other bidders didn’t go as high as she wanted, then he or his bf should step in. Hell, maybe she ended up paying for it out of her own pocket! We don’t know!

And omg her playing with the kids after the show is just beyond… I can’t.

It’s DIANNA AGRON. Can we all not just remember this?