I don’t want to lose you but at the same time I can’t be friends with you because I can’t stand seeing you with her.
—  Day 99

I wish that no one cared and moved on easily with their lives if I died but I know my death would affect people so I can’t be so selfish and take my own life so I wish that something would make me die already …

Maybe one day after we have both moved on, we can be friends without feeling the pain of the other loving another.
—  Day 105

steven universe au

i love part two the most so i drew my faves song

first pic: room where it happens : basically aham, tjeff, and jmads fused and burr wants to know what the fusion was like 

second pic: what did i miss to cabinet battle #1 : tjeff is a slut for fusing lmao (tjeff and jmads thought if they fused they can kick ahams ass but they failed, badly)

third pic : NON-STOP : aham wants to fuse + aburr doesnt = them fusing 

fourth pic : washington on your side : jmads + tjeffs + aburr being salty bc gwash likes aham thus them fusing to express their anger for aham 

fifth pic: election of 1800 : JEFFERSON OR BURR?!!! its literally choosing to fuse with tjeff or aburr and bc aham is a shit, he chooses tjeff

You messed with my head and taught me that the only way you can prove your love for someone is by taking your clothes off for them.
—  Day 167
I don’t know how it would happen. Maybe it would be something small that makes you snap. Or maybe you would see someone and think, why have her when I can have this? I don’t know how it would happen. But every goddamn day, when your silence stretches just a little too long, I wonder if it will finally happen. If you’ll give up on me.
—  “Why do you always ask me that?”