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Strike a pose
Strike a pose
Vogue, vogue, vogue
Vogue, vogue, vogue

Josuke in Chanel jewelry for @sweetram inspired by x

with and without make up because i couldn’t decide :’>

seayouinmydreams  asked:

how is he able to walk around and make a video of himself? unless the video was post murder

Isakin owns a GoPro video camera.  He is able to check it out when he gets passes to leave the hospital grounds.  He could technically make a porn if he wanted to, hah.  He has sent me videos of him giving me little tours, answering questions, and creating art.  There are a lot more videos to come.

Wander Over Yonder has become such an important show to me in the short time since I discovered it, only for it to end too soon. It’s an absolute spot of sunshine that deserves more than it has gotten. There’s so much love put into all of the characters and their stories and environments, and I don’t think I’ve ever come across a character I’ve related to as much as Wander. It was great having a character like me who managed to be eternally optimistic, helpful, and loving. Please give us one more season and a little more time with him.


Aliens love baseball.

The #SaveWOY petition is still going, and there are still plenty of things to be done to help out in general, as mentioned on the SaveWOY website and @savewoy



Hi lovelies!

We’re happy to announce that we are back and kicking with a new monthly task for all of you! This time, we want to know more about your characters, how they work and what makes them tick, so we have a little questionnaire under the read more below that you’re supposed to fill out. It’s all about the layers that make your muse who they are and will give a little more in depth insight that we thought would be fun and helpful in terms of character development.

You’ll have all of August to finish this task. Once you’re done, please tag your survey with bssurvey so everyone can see what you came up with!

Please keep in mind that these monthly tasks are mandatory and you’ll get a warning should you not complete them in a month’s time. We want to keep things fair after all and are genuinely interested in how you see your muses and want to see them grow with these little challenges!  

Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to shoot us a message! Until then, have fun and until next month!

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Team Fortress 2

So I noticed some really undeserved hate being directed at the TF2 community, and I’ve noticed that we’re getting smaller in size and that a lot of major contributors to this fandom are leaving or moving on to other things, so I thought I might as well try to give everyone a little reminder.

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anonymous asked:


I’m still waiting for his guest starring Emmy for that pivotal role as a Bond cat on the Late Late Show. 

I request someone write Avvar Fenris bride napping Anders. He’s already asked Justice for permission, but Anders is left in the dark lol. Or maybe Anders knows of Fenris’ intention, just not the when. So he’s twitchy and paranoid, but not against the idea.”

I got unexpectedly strongly inspired by this post from @tearsofwinter. I am sorry I bet it is far from what you envisionned and it doesn’t fill all the criteria I kind of got carried away and my whorefluff side took over. Anyway I hope you’ll still enjoy it since you’re the one who gave me the idea ^^


Anders hadn’t slept peacefully for three days now. Fidgeting, he rolled in his bed made of piled furs. Waiting for any suspicious sound eyes wide open. And suddenly his barred door shook slightly. A muffled curse followed. In an instant he was on his feet, eagerly walking to the door yet readying a spell in his palm. Looking in the small peekhole carved in the wood, he felt a small smile spread on his face. Slowly he opened the door to a really surprised and uneasy elf. Before he could speak or be spotted by anyone keeping watch on this night, Anders dragged him inside.

“Come in, quick !” He whispered, ignoring the panicked look on his soon-to-be kidnapper’s face.

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Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Part 3

Originally posted by ramenrami

Series Summary: With a broken leg, the reader’s parents decide to leave her in the trusting care of Bobby Singer. What happens when she meets the Winchester, in particular Dean Winchester. Will something blossom between the two of them, and if it does will it be a Summer fling or something deeper?

Part Summary: Skipping dinner, you needed something to eat. Little did you know a growling stomach would give you more than you bargained for with Dean. 

Characters: Teen! Dean Winchester X Teen! Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1353

Part 1 Part 2

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Something Wild [Monster AU]

“Do you think they are still out there?”
“Probably…” Baekhyun replied kissing your temple. 
“Will this ever end? Will they stop chasing after us?”
You snuggled closer to him feeling how the cool night touched your skin as your two laid in that old mattress that was your bed for the night.
That’s what we plan jagi, to stop them…”

You couldn’t remember when was the last time you had nice shower with clean water, or the last time you lied in a warm bed, when you had your last nice dinner. It had been a few months since the boys escaped from that horrible governmental facility, things weren’t as easy as you initially thought, but everything was better than being a prisoner. They were finally free, and you were free with him. 

“Please, don’t think too much about it” He covered you with his coat, trying to give you a little bit more warmth. “I know what you are thinking, but one day we’ll be called heroes”
You knew that the last thing they thought they were was heroes, but you didn’t contradict him, to him they all were. The muffled noises that came from outside made the last line of your thoughts vanish. Trying to find refuge in your childhood friend’s arms, you nuzzled  his chest, perceiving that refreshing scent he always gave off. Grass, breeze, it was always something wild, natural. His embrace tightened, his eyes desperately trying to find your glare. 
What is it? You aren’t crying… right?” His fingers threaded through your hair slowly. 
Why Baek?” Looking up, your eyes finally were locked on his. “Why did you leave them and came back for me… you could be in a safe place by now”
True… I could” He sighed. “But it wouldn’t make sense if you weren’t there with me…” You didn’t noticed when his face came so close, didn’t notice when the tip of your noses met, not until his lips were barely touching yours.
Why? I’m just a childhood friend…” 
The noises became louder, but it didn’t matter, you were safe in that old room with him. No one would notice you, the lights wouldn’t touch you, unless Baek wanted it that way. The world seemed to stop just as his eyes seemed to be looking at you and only you, they were shining regardless of the pitch black night that surrounded you. And just before your lips seemed to come together, he whispered. “I would regret all my life if I didn’t go back for you, just like I regretted not telling you I loved you before they took me away…”

This is for the anon that requested an angsty Baek scenario with cuddles. I hope you like it! Admin A~  


Thursday, July 21st - sunburn, photographs, exhaustion
(Mostly) Traditionally sketching and Digital inking and coloring.

Have some more Old FiddleStan since it is like my favorite also giving Stan a little bit of more than peachfuzz cause I can. (There are captions under the last three provided by Mabel)

Two things though:

  1. Fidds has a whole collection of hats, just a huge collection cause they make him feel better when some hair won’t grow back even after he stopped tugging at it.
  2. Stan steals them.
Let’s play Spin the bottle! (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Hope you don’t mind but could you write an imagine where Peter Parker and y/n are best friends and he secretly likes her. They both get a bit tipsy in the apartment and he’s like lets play spin the bottle even though they’re the only people in the room. She’s like okay but it never lands on each other (idk they kiss like the walls maybe be a table idk) But she kisses him at the door and Peters like what. Was this too detailed? Idk really love your writing though!

A/N: I decided to get Peter drunk but not the reader, hope you don’t mind, I just thought it would give it a little bit more sense since I don’t think Peter would drink if it was not for Tony 😂

I am going on vacation tomorrow until Sunday 24th and I don’t know if I’ll have wifi. I will try to upload imagines, but I may just write requests and upload them all once I’m back home. Sorry!

‘’I hate alcohol’’ Peter said, a bottle of whisky in his hand. ‘’I will never drink alcohol.’’
You laughed and looked at him, lying on the couch, wearing his Spiderman costume.
‘’Pete, you are drinking right now.’’
‘’What?’’ he said, sounding surprised. He looked at the bottle in his hand and opened his eyes and his mouth. ‘’No way! How did this come here?’’
You got up from the ground and walked up to him, taking the bottle from his hand.
‘’I better get this-Peter, it is empty!’’ you exclaimed, worried. ‘’Do you realize how bad this is?’’
‘’I am Spiderman,’’ he said, sounding dizzy ‘’I don’t get sick!’’
‘’Well, you do get drunk!’’
‘’Give me my baby back’’ he said, throwing a web at the bottle to have it back in his hand.
It had all started when he came home. You had been waiting for him there, knowing he would be back in some time after fighting crime, May visiting some of her friends from another city and out for the weekend. When he came back, he was already a little drunk, and before you realized, he had the whisky bottle in his hand.
‘’Mr. Stark gave me some vodka!’’ he had said, smiling like a fool. ‘’The mission went great, [Y/N]. Mr. Stark gave me some vodka!’’ he repeated.
At first, you weren’t worried -it was his first time getting drunk, so you just laughed it off; but after seeing the whisky bottle empty, you were full of worry.
‘’Let’s play Spin the bottle!’’ Peter shouted, startling you.
‘’Pete, there’s only the two of us’’ you whispered, a small smile on your face.
‘’Who cares!’’
An hour later, you were both sat on the ground, Peter spinning the bottle, it landing on the wall all the time. He didn’t seem to care and kissed it every time, still dizzy.
You were looking at him half an hour later, him lying on the couch, eyes almost closed, when he quickly got up and run to the bathroom to throw up. You laughed and waited for him in the living room, sad that you hadn’t recorded it. He came back minutes later, his pajamas on, an aspirin on his hand.
‘’Please, never, ever, allow me to drink alcohol again’’ he whispered.
You laughed and shook your head.
‘’I’m just sad that I didn’t record it. Tony Stark would have loved it’’ you said, earning you a groan from him. You got up from the ground and took your stuff from his room, putting on your jacket. ‘’I should go. My parents are probably waiting for me at home.’’
He walked you to the door. You couldn’t help but feel fuzzy inside when looking at him -his messy hair, tired face and cute pajamas.
Turning around to say goodbye, you smiled, trying not to laugh at how the evening had went.
‘’You know, it’s pretty sad that we played Spin the bottle for an hour and you didn’t kiss me, so I’m gonna pretend the bottle is looking at us right now and kiss you’’ you said before pulling him in for a kiss. He wrapped an arm around your waist and kissed you back, his mouth tasting like mint from the toothpaste.
‘’I guess I’ll have to get drunk more often if that means you are gonna kiss me’’ he whispered when you broke apart, his lips still close to yours.
You kissed him quickly and pulled apart completely, smiling at him.
‘’Goodbye, Parker. And please, no more alcohol for a while. See you tomorrow at school’’ you said, a smile still on your face.
You didn’t have to wait until the next day at school, because that night, a certain Spiderman showed up at your window and kissed you goodnight  and asked you out before swinging off to save the city.


Joey, USA
20, size 16-20

This is the first time I’ve ever bought a crop top. I always thought I was too fat for them. I’m still not too comfortable with my body but I appreciate it a little more. This shirt gives me confidence and I’m glad I bought it. I’ll learn to love my body as time goes by.