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3 Tips for Wearing Floral Menswear

You’ve been avoiding floral patterns because you think they’re just a fad. Consider this a public service announcement: florals are here to stay in the men’s fashion world. Don’t be afraid to wear florals; instead, learn when and how it’s a good idea to wear them.

The Tips:

1) The Setting is Key

Spring and summer are always great times to bust out your floral menswear gear. There are numerous labels and designers that create masculine floral tees and short-sleeve button-down shirts in lightweight, natural fabrics. Don’t worry, florals can still work for fall and winter; just go for pieces with darker, bolder designs. Thinking of wearing florals to a traditional office setting one day? Keep it to accessories, and save it for Casual Fridays.

2) Know the Floral Species that work for You

Just like other fashion patterns, florals come in a variety of designs and motifs. And just like those other patterns, certain designs look better on you than others; it all comes down to experimenting and trying out pieces to see how they work for you. Some common floral designs that are easy to pull off: Classic, Micro, Tropical, and Graphic.

3) Transition from a Floral Rookie to a Floral Pro

Don’t buy a 2-piece floral suit or a floral blazer right away when you first start out wearing this pattern. Start with accessories and smaller pieces with floral accents that can be worn with solid menswear items; they’ll add pops of color to your outfit, and you’ll slowly get the hang of which floral designs match with your personal style.

The Gear:

Want dibs on some of the best floral men’s fashion items to wear? Here are our Top 10 picks:

1) New Era Thea Five Panel Cap

2) Gitman Brothers Vintage Flamingo Flower Shirt

3) Topman Blue Floral Tropical Vest

4) Zara Floral Jacquard Jacket

5) J.Crew Coton Tie in Ultramarine Floral

6) Native Youth Forest Floral Short Sleeve Print Shirt

7) Tom Rebl Floral Print Biker Jacket

8) Denim & Leathers by Andrew Marc Combo Pocket Tee

9) Zara Floral Plimsoll

10) Etro Tropical Swim Shorts

Ready to wear florals now? Which floral menswear piece did you like the most?