Girls FC Questions Part 2!

What do you hate about the celeb vibe?

Celeb vibe? I’m not annoyed by fans. Really, it’s amazing that we have this many. But I will say be assertive and don’t say sorry. If you want a pic have your camera ready and just get my attention and snap away. None of this ‘I’m really sorry to bother you but…’ You’re not sorry and you shouldn’t be! Just get in! I think it’s awesome that we have fans!


Attention Megan Rapinoe Fans Worldwide:

To celebrate Pinoe’s guest appearances in Australia for the Sydney FC Westfield W-League team, Girls FC are giving you the chance to win a signed Pinoe Hair T-Shirt. 

Get designing! The comp’s open until COB 4 November 2011.


alternative fc suggestions (fairytale edition. part 1/???)

by request, a few awesome, underused/poc actresses that would work wonderfully as an fc choice for snow white.

edy ganem - mexican/lebanese descent. 26
liu yifei - chinese. 28
julia goldani telles - mexican-american/brazillian. 21
zhu zhu - chinese. 32
ana de armas - cuban/spanish. 28
kiko mizuhara - korean/eurpean. 25
fahriye evcen - turkish. 30
fan bingbing - chinese. 34

Open || Dimitri Blake

“Hello there..” The man practically purred out as he got out of the elevator at his own hotel. “And what brings a fine person like yourself into my luxurious establishment?” Dimitri took the other person’s hand and kissed it. “Oh, I’m Dimitri Blake by the way, you’ve probably heard of me.”

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Bloodstone Warrior ─ Black Diamond Court

Soo, i wanted to give my ol bloodstone a better and really different design, and what’s better than resetting his existence into this big buffy rock woman?!

And the thing of Black Diamond is because of the group where my gemsonas are, the admins created diamonds and there are more than the ones on the show, so, that!

Hope you like it!

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I FINALLY came up with an official design for my inkling FC Martzia Abernathy~ And I must say, I really and truly do enjoy how she came out~ A look that fits her personality (at least I think so). Also I finally figured out how to draw inklings and shit to where I like it XD I struggled big time in the past while attempting to draw the lil cuties. Oh that bubble with the different items in it is some of her likes. For instance, she likes skateboarding, squid parties, music, NSFW stuff, and her octobae Leslie~ (Belongs to my bestie Brendon, AKA Octobaby69/ Squiddy Boy) ewe
Oh, as a reminder, I’m trying to take a break from my furry O.Cs, just for a little while, it became a little repetitive drawing the same thing over and over again so.. Yeeaah. I’m gonna try doing fanart and other things instead, so look forward to that!
Hope y’all like this~ Maybe next I’ll draw my octoling FC, we’ll see~


INKBUNNY (Active):
FUR AFFINITY (active):
DEVIANTART (somewhat active):

Cha TAM HEE “Tammy” - 차탐희 (Kim Tae Yeon)
// open //

personality; Tammy is often seen as quite ‘stuck up’, more than likely because of the people she often spends time with. However, she’s quite the antithesis. She has an angelic nature, the type of person to cause no harm to another. Tammy spends a lot of time helping others, and the remainder of her time taking photos. She doesn’t thrive academically, but has the determination to get far in life. She would quite like to be the editor of a magazine and has had experience working in these environments.

notable information; She has had her photographs published in popular magazines.