ok i just cleared out a bunch of my inactive plots but if u are looking to play against a

  • nina dobrev (pls)
  • camila cabello
  • selena gomez
  • danielle campbell
  • maia mitchell
  • POSSIBLY zayn fc
  • RILEY from sense8

or if ur trynna do a

  • cAMREN ship (oc, not canon ok)
  • camila fc/girl lol
  • zaylena :/

then i am here and i am on my knees begging. pls like this i will come to u.
Girls FC Questions Part 2!

What do you hate about the celeb vibe?

Celeb vibe? I’m not annoyed by fans. Really, it’s amazing that we have this many. But I will say be assertive and don’t say sorry. If you want a pic have your camera ready and just get my attention and snap away. None of this ‘I’m really sorry to bother you but…’ You’re not sorry and you shouldn’t be! Just get in! I think it’s awesome that we have fans!


Attention Megan Rapinoe Fans Worldwide:

To celebrate Pinoe’s guest appearances in Australia for the Sydney FC Westfield W-League team, Girls FC are giving you the chance to win a signed Pinoe Hair T-Shirt. 

Get designing! The comp’s open until COB 4 November 2011.