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hey ty for sharing your lorelai thoughts. gilmore girls was a huge part of my life growing up bc WOW a show about a girl who READS A LOT and cares about school?!?! rewatching it nowadays is a very.... different experience and you hit a lot of it on the head. i considered my mom kind of neglectful growing up and always was so jealous of how close they were. but you're totally right that it's this conditional closeness. (which lol reminds me of my relationship w my mom too) (1/3)

i wish the show were framed differently because i think it could be a really interesting character piece had they actually let us consider the characters terrible. rory included. i do empathize with lorelai’s struggle bc she really didn’t get the chance to grow up having a kid so young. it’s almost like she’s in this arrested development stuck at age 16. it seems like they tried to get her to grow up in the revival since she’s finally done being creepy obsessive over rory BUT again they could’ve framed it way better. and it sucks looking back and realizing this show that i thought was so life changing and had all these great women role models is actually so so terrible. anyways i love paris and ty again for sharing your thoughts.

yeah like it’s… a framing issue. and an “amy sherman-palladino is a hack” issue. and a “lauren graham is a hack” issue, too, if we’re being honest. like, it’s a very compelling premise - a woman who became a single mom at sixteen now shepherding her own daughter through her teenage years and reconnecting with her own estranged mother. but lorelai is so unevenly written in that context to the point that some character decisions (e.g., her weird obsession with making sure rory Remains A Virgin) are downright offensive. oy vey.

that said i think it’s fine to cherry-pick helpful things from it though. god knows i’ve done so with paris lmao.

I finished all of my exams! You guys have given me such amazing support and I can’t wait to get back to posting regular content! I’ve got some exciting things to announce over the next week so keep a look out for developments, I’m very excited to be back! This photo was taken when I went to a bar near my house to celebrate and ended up spending a lot of time scanning their borrowing library! ~ the t-shirt I’m wearing is from and all proceeds go towards the victims of the recent Manchester bombings for those of you asking! ~

‘When we read the right book generously, it can change the way we think about the world around us.’ ~ John Green

Before the Fall – Noah Hawley

Rating: 4/10

This novel follows the events leading up to and after a private jet owned by a multi-millionaire crashes into the ocean, all but two passengers survive – the son of the millionaire and a painter who shouldn’t have even been on the plane in the first place.

The storyline follows Scott Burroughs, a washed-up painter who has never succeeded with his artwork, but is suddenly thrust into the limelight when he survives a plane crash alongside the four year old son of a millionaire. The novel explores and criticises mainly the role of the media at times of disaster and the immediate assumptions and so called ‘trial by media’ that occur in the wake of such events.

Although I was hooked by the concept of the book, I found it much more a criticism of conventional Western society than what I assumed it would focus upon – the mystery of an unexplained plane crash. The book hints at a lot of different themes throughout such as corruption, adultery and kidnap but I felt rather than providing the reader with the detail that they desired around certain themes, it fell short of fulfilling any questions or suspicions that the reader may have.

This book was kindly sent to me by the publisher last year but due to my exams I have had it on hold for months and only just been able to finish it. My initial impression of the book when I started it was very good, I really enjoyed the idea of the storyline and how the narrative flicked between the past, present and different character perspectives. However, as the book progressed I found it very difficult to keep track of the different characters and the timeline of events due to the layout of the book. This affected my interest in the novel because I felt as if it was a lot of effort to read rather than being easy to follow and digest. I also found myself skipping chunks of text due to my almost loss of interest I felt due to sometimes irrelevant detail around minor characters.

Overall I wouldn’t recommend this book to you guys, as I really felt that it was unfulfilling and left me with so many unanswered questions. When I finished the book I was angry and disappointed at the lack of imagination and almost rushed ending that I was provided with, and felt more annoyed about the book than I was impressed by it.

As always, I encourage my readers to try out books for themselves before settling on judgement, but for me this book was definitely not my cup of tea so scored a 4/10!


i’m so hippie tbh 🌞🌺

reasons to read Siren’s Lament:





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please write more lgbt characters in books that aren’t specifically about sexuality (although we need more of those, too).

i just want to be able to pick up a book and see two girls falling in love while trying to battle a corrupt government, while trying to defeat this one evil dude, while time travelling. i don’t want ‘lgbt’ to be a genre of its own, you know? i want genre books with main characters who just happen to be lgbt. i want this so much.