Pokefemslash Day 9: First yuri ship?

i take your "tall girlfriend” and i give you… taller girlfriend

Poke-Femslash February Challenge

I do not know if this has been done yet, but I wanted to make a challenge for Femslash-February with the Pokemon Fandom. This is for Pokemon lesbian couples only. 

  • Day 1: Fave Kanto lesbians? 
  • Day 2: Fave Johto lesbians? 
  • Day 3: Fave Hoenn lesbians? 
  • Day 4: Fave Sinnoh lesbians? 
  • Day 5: Fave Unova lesbians? 
  • Day 6: Fave Kalos lesbians? 
  • Day 7: Fave Alola lesbians? 
  • Day 8: Fave yuri OTP? 
  • Day 9: First yuri ship? 
  • Day 10: Crack ship? OT(insert number)
  • Day 11: [With each other’s Pokemon]
  • Day 12: [Clothes Switch]
  • Day 13: [Natural Beauty] (what they like about each other) 
  • Day 14: Valentines Day! What are they doing? 
  • Day 15: “Opposites Attract” OTP? 
  • Day 16: “Gal Pals” OTP? 
  • Day 17: “High Femme and Stone Butch” OTP? 
  • Day 18: “Battle Girls” OTP? 
  • Day 19: [Double Date] 
  • Day 20: [Crossover] 
  • Day 21: […If They Were Pokemon] 
  • Day 22: [Coordinator Outfits] 
  • Day 23: Fave AU? 
  • Day 24: Celebration Time! [Ideal Wedding] or [Prom Night] 
  • Day 25: [Seasons] (choose one) 
  • Day 26: [Nature Date] or [Urban Date] (your choice) 
  • Day 27: Angst 
  • Day 28: Free Slot! 

[NOTE]: You do not have to complete all day(s). Depending on what day it is, you can do that specific prompt. (Example: If the day is the 12th of February, then you do the day 12th prompt). However, you have the option of challenging yourself to complete all days. 

I hope that this list is appropriate for everyone. If anything on here is offensive, I apologize and did not mean it to be negative. 

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