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General Disney question, what do you think of shows becoming way more romance focused at a younger age now? I grew up with shows about middle schoolers like Lizzie and the first Suite Life which had crushes and dates but never big romantic storylines and relationships, like GMW and AM. I think these two shows actually have more romantic drama than older shows about high schoolers like Wizards and the suite life on deck. Why do you think this has happened?? You know way more about tv than I do.

I never watched Wizards so I can’t comment on that show. I’ve seen some of Suite Life…don’t they have girlfriends at some point? I forget

Anyway, I don’t think shows really focus on romanctic plots more or earlier now per se. I think the biggest difference between shows back then and shows now is there’s a bigger focus on continuity and having plot lines that are episodes or seasons long, instead of self contained to an episode or a short arc. Like the way Andi Mack will reference things from ten episodes ago? That didn’t really happen in Disney comedies or dramadies back in the day (some late 1990’s dramas were exceptions: So Weird, In a Heartbeat)

I think that plays into why we see crushes, one episode dating plots, or first date type storylines more on Lizzie McGuire or Suite Life and more actual overarching relationships in more recent shows like GMW or Andi Mack.

Katy worked so hard to provide for her daughter, let Maya think that her dad walked out because of something Katy did so she’d hate her and not him and overall, was just so amazing.

Yet, the show painted her as on the same level at Chet Hunter and that drives me up a wall. She’s a damn good mom. And I don’t blame Maya for not seeing it, because she’s a kid…but the way Cory talks about her isn’t right.

Lucas: so who’s the big spoon?

Maya: I am! I will not be the little spoon! I am your worst nightmare! Im the person in your nightmares who murders you! I will rip your head off! I will throw you down into a pit of fire watching you scream in pain till you die! How dare you even ask-

Riley: she’s the little spoon

Maya: Riley!

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fanfic writers are truly amazing. they spend some of their free time preparing and writing a story so we can enjoy it for free. we will laugh, cry and revive our favorite movie, show or book with brand new ideas and interesting plots that this authors are creating for our (and obviously theirs as well) entertainment.

I know a lot of people don’t take fanfics seriously, but as long as they make fans happy they aren’t such a bad thing. And not all fanfics are poorly written, on contrary, some of them are pieces of art. I know people who write beautifully and they use that ability to write fanfics because that’s what makes them happy.

What I’m trying to say is that we should appreciate this people’s work. I don’t think it is a childish thing just because some of them suck and are actually written by children. That happens with all genres, right? Some books may suck whether they are young adult, sci-fi, romance…

So appreciate this, please, and let other people be happy doing whatever they like.

Disney Channel boys are typically known for being cute, funny, and dumb. Look at Austin and Ally, Liv and Maddie, Jessie, Girl Meets World, the list goes on.

I’m so proud of Andi Mack for humanizing boys. For showing that boys are messy, and have feelings, and can be just as complicated as girls are. For showing that boys don’t have to be conventionally attractive, or funny, or perfect, or even like girls to be valid.

The boys in Andi Mack are all so complicated. They’re all insecure, and working through their insecurities, and learning who they are, just like the girls are. They have emotions. They have stories. They cry, and have crushes, and feel jealous. They’re human.

So thank you, Andi Mack, for showing that boys are more than just pretty faces on screen, meant to be the main character’s love interest.