“You had also prayed for me to look like Dad, but you forgot to pray for the rest of me. It is strange that you would overlook this, as you have always said “Be careful what you pray for.” When I take off my clothes and look in the mirror, I see Dad’s body, as you wished. But the rest of me has always wished to be you.”

“You used to say that if you had a girl, you would have named her Trisha.”

– from the series, “Trisha” by Vivek Shraya

View the series in its entirety: here

Statement from Vivek Shraya:

“As a trans bisexual person of color, Pride has historically been a complicated time for me, navigating various identities that are often invisibilized by gay spaces.

“Since the Orlando shooting, I have been thinking about how Pride for queer and trans people must be tied to vigilance — we must hold fast to each other and to the work of continuing to push against misogyny, racism and homophobia. 

Queerness is a gift.”

Instagram: @vivekshraya
Tumblr: @vivekshraya

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What are your Guzma headcanons?

{Guzmun here, and let me tell you some of my Guzma HEADCANONS!

~Guzma actually does have a kid already,  a two year old girl named Roxy. Roxy lives with her mother, who took her for the sole purpose of being a bitch to Guzma, and refuses to allow him to see her. He doesn’t talk about her much but receives letters and drawings from her via Pelipper almost everyday. His ex-wife doesn’t know about their communication and he would love nothing more than to have his daughter back.

~Guzma is 24 years old.

~He is scared of  Mimikyu.

~He beat his father in a pokemon battle then beat his father with a pokemon as revenge for all the abuse his father put him through.

~He is actually a super nice guy and refers to his grunts as his Kids.

~The bottles in his room are all full of apple juice.

~He has a good singing voice, but he never sings unless it’s to lull a grunt to sleep and the next morning he’ll deny it.

~His hair is all natural.

~He has a large soft bed, which he allows his pokemon and grunts on with him.

I’ve had a lot of fun so far combing through the many amazing name suggestions that I’ve received for this not-so-sweet but very cute little girl.

Have a stupid name suggestion of your own? Join the party! If there’s not an obvious name that sticks by Monday I’ll probably pick the four or five best stupid names and open it up to a vote.

Sherlock’s softe smile when Mary and John both reiterate that Sherlock isn’t a girl’s name because he’s like “yeah you’re right, it’s not” : > HE IS TRANS OKAY

unicornc101  asked:

Hello Tanya! I would like to ask you do you want Nalu to have a baby girl first or boy or twins and what would you name her/him/both?

Hmm, I like the eldest son and youngest girl. But with names I have is always very difficult, so I can’t answer this question.

anonymous asked:

Hoping this doesn't come across as offensive or anything like that, but I was wondering how you chose your name? I'm not sure how to go about finding one that works for me, my birth name is very feminine and I want a name that means something to me and that can't be mistaken for a girl name.

Hi anon!

I actually took some time deciding on a name for myself, and I tested a few out before I settled on Dan. I wanted something simple, but also something that meant a lot to me, and felt positive when I considered it’s origin. Danny Phantom was a positive influence during a trying time, and I liked the name Daniel so it just kind of stuck, as odd as that sounds!

Make sure you choose a name that can’t be mistaken for a feminine name. That’s my only regret with Daniel I think. I ADORE the name Danny but I currently can’t use it at the moment because it can be seen as a feminine name, so make sure you choose something strictly masc if you’re worried about that!

I think you need to choose a name you’re comfortable with. Something you know you’ll hear and react positively to. Don’t be afraid to try some names out; I toyed with Eric and Theo before settling on Daniel.

Essentially, play around with some names and take your time. Your name can be anything as simple as your favourite character or as complex as you like. It’s your name and should give you positive power.

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would you be willing to also do the meet the artist meme? o(^◇^)o

yea im an 18 year old vegan girl named shirin i like having people over for dinner and just doing mundane errands with friends and i love clowns. i also enjoy the smell of cigarettes but i cant stand dust i think if i die i wanna be buried with my lysol wipes and cleaning supplies

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31, 32, 41? ^^

31. top 3 boys names
vincent/vernon (i couldnt pick which V name i liked better)
(ik some of these are idols names but i actually really like these names lol)
32. top 3 girls names
stormey (thats why my cat is named stormey lol)
ivy (but only paired with the middle name berlynn (its a family name))
41. top 10 songs (in no order)
Please Dont by K.Will
The Monster cover by Yano&Hansol
Hello Bitches by CL
That XX by GD
Decalcomanie by Mamamoo
KOREA by PSY (that song is catchy af fite me)
Ring Ding Dong by SHINee (its horrible but it takes me back and makes me smile)
Bad by Tablo
Arario by Topp Dogg
TOPDOG by Topp Dogg

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what about JF x Celena or whatever dat girls name is

J Fruit: WE’VE JUST MET, CHILL YO ASSES! It’s like anytime we automatically met someone you expect us to fall in love right away. Love takes time, not just one glance at the person or knowing them for a day!

An entire year had gone by since Amira received that email from Kaci. At first she didn’t question it, at first, it didn’t matter because it was only one night. Trouble is a lot can happen in one night and between drinks, dancing and conversation Kaci and Amira conceived a child. 

During the first few months, Amira was clueless. She blamed her lack of sleep and energy on her new promotion at the Agency. In two years time, she had gone from being a temp at the company to a Press Agent responsible for the careers of other hopefuls. So it came as no surprise when she was offered another promotion. But this time it involved moving to Oasis Springs to get the new division of the company off the ground.

Once she arrived in Oasis Springs she realized that she did not arrive alone. Months later she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl that she named Kamila.

Celebrity Status and Turmoil

It has been officiated that Mama Luigi was indeed a Spice Girl honing the name, Mama Luigi Spice. Due to turmoil within their old record label’s marketing staff, Mama Luigi did not receive a Spice Girls Doll contract as did the other girls. Unfortunately, Mama Luigi has confirmed that she is not going to be touring with the Spice Girls when they go on the “back together” tour, due to criminal charges against her for man slaughter, since her bagelrings gave people cancer, and killed several of them.

Tag Game

Got tagged by both @themindofcc and @boat-nectar1 for the tag game!

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 20 followers that you’d like to get to know better!

Name: A girl has no name.

Nicknames: None

Star sign: Gemini

Height: 5′6"

Orientation: Bisexual (In the closet for the most part but a few friends know. And you peeps I guess)

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Favorite color: Aurora Borealis

Favorite animal: Wolves and Owls.

Average amount of sleep: Not much.

Cat person or dog person: I love both, but I am a sucker for a kitten. Give me all the kitties in the world.

Favorite fictional character: I have a lot, but a short list: Hermione Granger, Danaerys Targaryen, Arya Stark, Margaery Tyrell, Mabel Pines, Stan Pines, McGucket, Death from The Sandman, Rosalind from As You Like It, Uncle Iroh, Asami Sato, Tenzin, Zuko…. I’m just gonna ramble.

Number of blankets you sleep with: All the blankets– I think I have five on my bed right now? I get cold.

Dream trip: I’ve been wanting to visit Iceland recently…. Gimme them volcanoes!

When did you create this blog?: 2012, but I didn’t actively use it until 2015.

Current number of followers: 230 something ish? Most of them seem to be porn bots though so???

I am too sick to tag anyone else. Do what you want kids.

Netflix Customer Service Live Chat:
  • Me: I would like for Netflix to pick up a show that has been recently cancelled and I needed to ask someone how to most effectively go about doing that.
  • Gabby, Netflix Representative: Oh, you mean Girl Meets World?
  • (Edit: She then continued to tell me that they hear us, and to keep requesting on the website, it helps a lot and they are considering investing)