But seriously think about it. It’s become more than a social norm for teenage girls to hate their body. Its become a social obligation. Any girl who admits to loving their own body is narcissistic, big headed, really thinks she’s something. If that’s not proof how how the patriarchy is literary destroying teenage girls’ self confidence I don’t know what is. 

My test scores...

We’re moving and in an effort to purge crap from my life so I don’t have to move it, I came across my college entrance scores. 

Specifically, my ACT scores. I didn’t take the SAT, it wasn’t required for the college I attended. 

I did well. 

Anyway, I have spent my WHOLE life- 100% of it- thinking that I was good at reading, writing, and social studies. I teach social studies. I’m pretty good at it. 

I spent my whole life thinking I SUCKED at math and science. I dropped chemistry after a week in high school. I took “consumer math” instead of calculus because I thought I would fail. 

On the ACT, I scored…

…95th percentile in math

….95th percentile in science

…65th percentile in English & reading

….70th percentile in history

I don’t even remember looking at the score breakdown, just the overall score to compare with my friends. 

I’ll tell you now that I don’t have a passion for engineering or medicine. But I do love architecture. A dream that I gave up at about age 13 when I thought I was shit at math. 

If someone- ANYONE - had encouraged me just a tiny bit- just a teensy tiny bit- to work at those things… that maybe I wasn’t as bad as I thought…. I can’t promise that I would have done anything with it, but maybe I would have grown up not thinking that I was stupid and that math was for boys. 

Remember, teachers- sometimes kids don’t even see it when they’re doing well. They get hung up and frustrated and give up- thinking that B was a lucky break. Notice, and say something, when you see them working hard. You might just be the one voice they need to hear. 

By allowing yourself to be who you really are deep down inside and by acknowledging that in this moment you are enough, you know enough, and you do enough, you will be able to find inner peace. What would happen if you actually believed that you are enough?

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In the light of recent events people seem to forget that you can be a mother and choose to dress any way you want and its sad that nowadays women are shamed because of it. So this is just a shoutout to two amazing women and mothers who continue to break down those barriers.

Who runs the world?