Girl Power

So I just wanted to share a bit of my story to those girls who want to play a male dominant sport but are scared. I’m a girl too and I play on my high school varsity football team. I want all you girls to know that if you want to tryout for the football team because you have skill (no matter the position) please do it. All the guys on my team have been so supportive and if you guys can throw well, kick well, or catch well, please please put yourself out there and try out! I’ve had my misses and I’ve even been tackled but the guys were always there to defend me. Please don’t be scared if you want to try❤️❤️

kink: badass independent women who are actually incredibly soft, kind and compassionate

what’s a queen without a king?
what a silly question
a queen is a queen regardless - who is to say she needs a king by her side to rule? 
who is to say she needs a king by her side to make decisions for the kingdom?
who is to say she needs a king by her side at all? 
who is to say she needs a king? 

what’s a queen without a king? 
someone unsure as to why it is implied that she needs a male counterpart to be complete
or why she cannot be thought of as a single being
as a person
or why she is thought of to be unable to rule alone

what’s a queen without a king?
someone who should be treated the same way as a king
someone who should be listened to 
someone who can rule the kingdom with an iron fist as well as a mother’s touch
and someone who can rule in any damn way that she pleases and not be questioned

what’s a queen without a king?
someone fit to rule, someone fit to take on a role of such notoriety, someone fit to be
someone fit to exist regardless of her royal partnership is with
someone who should be looked at as a human, not a bookend to someone else

what’s a queen without a king?

what’s a queen without a king?
a queen.

—  what’s a queen without a king? historically, better.
(cc, 2016)

Bi Visibility Week: Different People, Different Stories

Since today is the last day of this year’s Bi Visibility Week, we at Loud and Alive decided to bring you different experiences of different bisexual people - something we have promised to do for the last three days (and we hope we have succeeded). We have heard from Mel and Sydney in longer pieces, but here are the words of people who put their journeys in a few sentences.

I like girls too, because of course I do. Have you ever seen a girl?

Being bisexual is my liberal mother confusedly saying: I don’t understand. You’ve liked boys before, remember? You told me about your crushes. You never mentioned girls.

Being bisexual is being unapologetic in who I decide to love.

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What will the next US president do for women and gender non-conforming people?

And why isn’t anybody asking the candidates about it?

With Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump set to debate three times in the next month, we think it’s time to #AskAboutWomen. What do you want to know?

Tweet your questions at with @womenslives using #AskAboutWomen, and share this video with everyone you know who cares about gender equality around the world.

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Shout out to all the ladies out there

Nothing else to add to these powerful words said by the apostle

Sending out love and good wishes to all the mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, stepmoms, grandmothers … ALL THE WOMEN OUT THERE

You ARE princesses and you have so much in store if you but follow Him.

LAZINE: SEPTIEMBRE - 2016 Septiembre 2016
En esta edición podrás encontrar: Diferentes mujeres, diferentes visiones y de diferentes países nos traen poesía, narrativa y collage.

el placer es mío por participar de la 1° edición de La Zine un fanzine hecho por chicas de muchos lados distintos que escriben e ilustran el mundo alrededor 💖💖💖

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girl power 💪🌈

Types Of Friends When A Boy Fucks You Over

The Rihanna-  Fuck’s up your ex’s car in broad daylight and waits for him to come out so he knows it was her

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The Nicki Minaj- Dresses you up in her clothes with your titties and ass all out. Records videos of you in the club dancing up on some dude, posts them to instagram and tags your ex in all of them

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The Beyoncé- Tells you to forget him and not worry about him. Then, coincidentally a week later his car gets repossessed, he loses his job, leg gets broken in three different places and he’s living back with his mama and can’t qualify for unemployment

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The Naomi Campbell- Hooks you up with her man’s wealthy friend. Is always sure to let your ex know what your new man has bought you

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The Viola Davis- Has a sit down with your ex and gives him a lecture of how disgusting of a person he is and she doesn’t let him get a word in. Tells him he owes you an apology and after that to never speak to you again or she will have more than words ready for him next time. Ends conversation with “are we clear?”

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The Cardi B- Literally will kill him

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The Lil Kim- Gets her brother and his friends to jump him

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The Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard- Shows up to his job,cusses him out and gets him fired. Will wait for him out in the parking lot to cuss him out some more

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”Girls”, Portraits by Luo Yang

In her series Girls, Beijing-based photographer Luo Yang reveals a side to contemporary China that is rarely seen in the West. Defying stereotypes, Yang’s subjects depict bold, self-aware Chinese women of an emerging generation instead of appearing simply timid and shy.

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                                                            Female are strong as hell.