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“I dunno; I’ve never been in a place like this. Quiet and lonely, I mean. I used to be constantly among people, and I liked it. And while I understand we are all different, I can’t imagine living alone for many years.

Hm… Or maybe I can. But do I see the appeal? No idea. She must’ve had a huge reason to pick this lifestyle. Or maybe it picked her.

Oh great, now I’m starting to talk like her.”

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Rare White Giraffe Is Spotted in Tanzania

This beautiful baby giraffe can really stand out in a crowd. Spotted over a year ago roaming the Tarangire National Park, she has been sighted again this year, alive and well. This is really good news because as lovely as her colouration is, it may also make her a greater target for poachers and natural predators in the wild. Christened by a local guide as “Omo” after a popular brand of detergent in Tanzania, she draws her rare white colouring from a condition known as leucism.

Leucism is a partial loss of cellular pigmentation which results in Omo’s pale, patchy colour. It is not to be confused with albinism, which is a reduction in just melanin; leucism is the combined lack of multiple types of pigments.

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