Is this considered shit posting yet?

Happy New Comic Book Day! Out this week is:

HELLBREAK #10 by @cullenbunn and @brianchurilla with Gonzalo Duarte

INVADER ZIM #7 by @robotmountain, @davecrosland with Warren Wucinich, and @kcgreenn

LETTER 44 #23 by Charles Soule and Alberto Alberto Jiménez Alburquerque with Dan Jackson

What are you excited to pick up this week? Find your local comic shop or!


I’m posting this again, because I feel pretty damn proud of it.

Fite me 1v1, Nerd

A rival fight between these two would just be chaotic.

Gir would be screaming all the time, lol. Nothing useful to contribute other than being a cute back item and screaming lots when Zim rocket charges his way to victory (or a painful defeat).

Have I ever mentioned that Scrapper in GW2 is super broken? Because it is. And it’s awesome.

I have too many engineers and I play this game too much

Someone send help

Take all these experience scrolls away from me