Giovanni Di Stefano is an Italian lawyer who has represented, Saddam HusseinTariq Aziz; Patrick Holland; Jeremy BamberNicholas van HoogstratenJohn GilliganCharles Bronson;  Ali Hassan al-Majid (known as Chemical Ali, whose death sentence Di Stefano tried, but failed, to overturn); Gary Glitter (pop star); Birgit Cunningham (on her child support payment complaints against the son of billionaire Sir Nicholas Nuttal); Ian Brady; and Ian Strachan (one of the defendants in the 2007 royal blackmail plot). He has also represented Ronald Biggs (one of the Great Train Robbers) in his claims for release from prison.

He even used to keep a diary on YouTube, where he’d post videos like this, talking about what he’s found and what he’s seen.

We all know what happened to Saddam Hussein, but I never really thought about the man who would stick up for him in the court of law.

The guy seems really interesting, and he’s found a niche that no one else in the world wants. He’s also a music producer. Apparently he also had a hit single when he was 15:

Di Stefano had a hit single in his native Italy when he was 15. He was also behind a recent collaboration between veteran Irish crooners The Bachelors and Italian singer JustCarmen – real name Carmela Maria Messi, 36. The new version of their No.1 hit I Believe made the top 40 in the UK.

What a guy!