65 volume cover and looks like special illustration to love portion ova edition in VERY bad quality. Found this on twitter. Seems like screenshorts from Tv. Cover on the spin I think Shokaku. 


It’s not dead. Even if the country has crumbled, and the bakufu has crumbled, we samurai still survive. They will come back. So until then, we have to protect this country. So until then, we sure as hell cannot fall into despair […] If the door to despair can be opened so easily, then so can the door to hope […] This despair is just one of countless others. It can easily disappear by picking up a coin off the ground. A cheap despair. Now then, let’s go. To pick up the hope within the despair.” - Hasegawa Taizou
The fierce, beautiful, and loyal Gintama ladies in chapter 597, protecting what matters most. | Poem inspiration


“No education, no status, all that we can believe in is our own swords. We want to make names for ourselves with just that sword. And so we gathered here in Edo. Today, we have to part from that Edo, but our dream is not ending. We’ll be back, I swear we will. To the hometown of the Shinsengumi. We’ll make that vow as many times as it takesWe’re gonna become samurai of Edo.” 

I’m still waiting for you to come back ;-;