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Okay but here me out: Viktor and Cedric, who are closer in age, actually end up going to the Yule Ball together. They have a surprising amount in common. Fleur ends up going with Cho (hey it ain’t just Harry who has a thing for Quidditch players here!). Harry says fuck it, everyone else is doing it, so why can’t we? and asks Ron to the Ball. Except Ron’s all embarrassed over his robes and says no because he doesn’t want to do the first dance, so Harry asks Neville after Ginny (who’s going with Hermione) mentions he really wants to go. Which leaves Parvati and Lavender free to go with each other like they really want to. They show up with Dean and Seamus, each of the pairs fiercely defending the other from ugly, hateful comments. Ron doesn’t scrounge up a date and is still sulking over his robes - until Ginny finally snaps at him to just go put on his regular robes. When he returns in less embarrassing attire, he finally joins the dance mob everyone’s got going on and everyone just gets to have a really great time, okay?

Art request for @diva-gonzo

Harry and Ginny, with Ron and Hermione, when Ginny is in St. Mungo’s and Harry first gets to hold James Sirius and is completely broken emotionally - because he’s now a dad but he’s got his found family all around him and he’s so full of love and can’t contain it under the gruff Auror exterior.”

Hope you enjoy!  Aww Harry’s a daddy. :) 

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"She's been missing since Friday and you're not worried?" For either Hope or Amy? (Saw this and thought it fit either of them perfectly)

“Haven’t seen her.”

Ginny hid her smile under a curtain of hair as Leon sharpened his knife on his sword. Actually, it wasn’t his knife, she realized, it was Hope’s throwing dagger, straight and black; she’d seen Hope throw it into the shoulder of a Red Coat with ruthless precision. Hope’s dagger was like her sword or her crossbow, parting with it meant something.

“She’s been missing since Friday and you’re not worried?” Ginny didn’t like the way the Auror was talking, with an air of superiority, and suddenly Hope’s decision to become a pirate made complete sense.

“Why would I be worried?” Leon snorted. “She’s still alive, I can tell. You’re only going to find her if she wants to be found, and trust me, you’re not going to.” 

Ginny really admired the bond Hope and Leon had, closer than friends, closer than siblings, it sometimes was like they were in each other’s heads as much as they were at each other’s throats.

“Keep talking like that and people are gonna think you two are dating,” Ginny mentioned once the Auror had gone, before laughing as he gagged at the thought.

“That’s horrifying,” he retorted appalled. “Who would want to date someone like her?”

“George,” Ginny said without inflection, thinking of George tripping over himself the first time he saw Hope wearing what Hermione and Daphne had dubbed her ‘pirate wear’.

“Well, no accounting for taste,” Leon muttered under his breath.

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"There was a fic where Harry was assigned funny to protect and the end there was something where they accused Harry of being the guy out to kill her? There was smut but I can't find it ANONYMOUS" Could the poster possibly be talking about Protection, by PrincessPotter? I don't recall much smut, but the protection thing and Harry being the real threat is definitely in there.

You know what? I think you’re right. It certainly fits. Is this it nonny?

Protection By PrincessPotter

stop the madness

Pairing:  Ginny Weasley/Hermione Granger
For:  @ficsandteamakeahappyme
Prompt:  #4. Pumpkin Spice

A/N:  In which Hermione works at MACUSA

Ginny sniffed at the cup.  "I dunno about this, Mione…"  

“Everyone here loves it.  It’s this huge thing here in the autumn…” Hermione took a sip of her own pumpkin spice latte.  "There’s even a stand that sells them in MACUSA…"  

Ginny took a tentative sip, her eyebrows raising.  "You know.  It’s not half bad.  Sort of like… pumpkin juice.  But blazing hot.  And jittery.“  

"Blazing hot and jittery…” Hermione repeated with a grin.  "That’s America in a nutshell, isn’t it?“  

"That’s me if I keep up with drinking this…” Ginny pushed the cup away.  "I’ll stick to tea.“  

"They have pumpkin spice tea as well…”  

“Enough.  Stop the madness.”

@weasleyismyking540 A little bit more of inspiration.
“So, what do you think about me as a teacher? Am I the best teacher you’ve ever had?” Draco approaches her, confident.
“Oh…Not really…Maybe one of the worst teacher I’ve ever had” She said trying to sound disappointed “But I think, I need more lessons to have a real opinion”
“Wow, Weasley, that’s been the worst excuse I’ve ever listened” Draco looked at her smiling “You love me”
“Maybe, I love you, but you’re definitely an idiot…AND the worst teacher I’ve ever had, I didn’t pass my last Potions exam”
Draco looked the paper she passed to him, and he saw the F.
“No more kisses till you pass your exams” He tried to sound serious.
“Oh! I’m going to rebel against that new norm”
“Just try, weasel”
“I’ll do, ferret”