ok guys but do you know how significant it was that wells saved iris?? bc obviously he had been standing (sitting) there for awhile but decided to save iris just as the meta was pulling out the gun

it’s because she is crucial for the speed force. without her, who knows if it’ll still exist. in the same way wells needs to keep eddie alive, he needs iris alive to access his powers.

uh maybe i’m reaching but imagine if that’s why

Can we talk about this scene?

Three seconds in, we’re shown Ian staring longingly at Mickey. Stuck in his daydream. 

He’s snapped out of it when Dr. Douchebag comes in. Dr. Douchebag is immediately jealous. And Ian’s there like Shit, I didn’t want you two to meet.

Then we have Mickey not liking the way the redhead and Dr. Douchebag are talking. 

And some more jealous Mickey

Some smug Ian because he’s realised that Mickey’s jealous

More jealous Mickey

A barely noticeable smug smile from Ian.

Another smug smile from Ian with a Jealous Mickey in the background. 

Even more Jealous Mickey.

If we didn’t know it before, I think that this is the scene where we know Ian and Mickey are endgame. 

thewitchandtheangels asked:

"Be more careful next time, Ginger."

Gabby felt her heart beating rapidly in her chest. She had only just stopped running. It seemed like some of her father’s old friends had learned he had children. Great. She out her hands on her knees, bracing herself as she struggled to regain her breath. Looking up at Danny, she tried to smile. “Thanks, but I could have handled it.”