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May Talks TS: Hated Characters?

You know, it’s hard to say I really hate anyone. Guess there’s characters like Uter and the Crazy Cat Lady that I’m not fond of, mainly because other more deserving characters get cheated out of screentime for them. And there’s others I do have a lot of issues with but they still have their moments. So hate is too strong a word to use for any of the cast.

Well, except for one. 


I, frankly, despise her. Why? Well, it’s depressing I’d even have to explain or use this as an explanation. 

Okay so, imagine if The Wandering Juvie starred Lisa instead.

Maybe she’s there from some mix-up or unfair law or whatever, not important. Now let’s say she ends up meeting an older boy who’s first action is slicing open her jumpsuit leaving her exposed in front of everyone. Then later the same guy proceeds to knee her in the crotch (hey it still hurts girls), forces her along into escaping with him, repeatedly threatens her, slams her face against a tree because she needed the toilet, confess he’s an attempted murderer and extremely proud of it, continues physically assaulting her at the slightest opportunity…

But oh wait, you’re not supposed to hate him, you’re supposed to feel sorry for him because he doesn’t have a family… since they probably disowned him for the attempted murder.

Can you imagine the unbridled, frothing outrage everyone watching would feel towards that guy? This manipulative, abusive, downright evil psycho? He’d make Helen Lovejoy look like Hank Scorpio in terms of popularity.

… Well I believe in never excusing something just because it’s female-on-male. No way. Apparently the world at large does though, as well as Simpsons fans since she’s the third most popular shipping choice for Bart. The other two are terrible for Bart too (Jessica Lovejoy and Sideshow Bob) but at least Jess wasn’t that horrible and Bob was never presented as a romantic interest or even particularly sympathetic.

And then to top it off, when she unfortunately reappeared in a later episode she had the gall to get mad at him when frankly he had every right to be mad at her.

Honestly though Bart, what is it with you and being paired with loathesome individuals to the point where the girls that trolled you relentlessly come off as saints in comparison to half of ‘em? I did wanna search up any sort of info about people who have had abusive upbringings and their likelihood at ending up in similarly bad relationships but I’m not accepting research from sources that think abuse is only ever Male-on-Female.