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Sooo episode 9x18 is called “The Tell” and it’s written by Gina Lucita Monreal. She was the one who wrote “Engaged Part 1”. And that was the episode that Tony’s bucket list was introduced. Sooo “The Tell” could refer to item number 26 on the list. I guess we all know which item that is. (In case you don’t: it’s “Tell her”) Maybe “The Tell” is Tony telling her about his feelings..

But WAIT that’s not all! Episode 9x17 (the one before 9x18 “The Tell”) is called “Need To Know”. Sooo, here’s what our Tiva heart says: Episode 9x17 “Need To Know” ends with Ziva confronting Tony about his feelings for her. And he pretends that there aren’t any. And then episode 9x18 “The Tell” ends with Tony crossing off item 26 on his bucket list as he tells Ziva the truth. Then they kiss, fade to grey ;)

Yeah, we know that Gary Glasberg said that we’re gonna find out about Tony’s and Ziva’s relationship at the end of the season but that could refer to Gibbs finding out. So from 9x17/9x18 Tony and Ziva could be secretly dating and stuff and they’ll get caught at Palmer’s wedding (which is gonna take place at the end of the season as Brian Dietzen recently told us on twitter!).


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SCOTTY: Kitchen’s closed.

KEVIN: Last year, I… hit rock bottom. I was in a terrible place, and you’re right, it was all about me. But do you feel that it has always been about me? What did you say, that I “consume all the oxygen”?

SCOTTY: No. I can breathe. I just…

KEVIN: Why didn’t you tell me before?

SCOTTY: Because a part of me loves it that way. I feel needed. Growing up, I hardly felt noticed, but you… it’s like you can’t get through the day without me.

KEVIN: I can’t.

SCOTTY: And sometimes, I let that go too far. When you didn’t show up to my opening, it hurt… so much. I wanted to be the star that night. But, Kevin, believe me I would… never do that again.

KEVIN: That’s the problem, because I can’t promise the same, about changing. Obviously I’ll… I’ll try, but the way you described me just now is pretty accurate. I can be self-centered and neurotic—

SCOTTY: —lovable and strong—

KEVIN: —and… needy and high-maintenance—

SCOTTY: —caring, loyal. Always, always loyal.

KEVIN: Scotty, I want us to better more than anything. But even if you wanted to, you wouldn’t have time to look after me; look at this place. I just wish there was something that I could do to prove to you how much I want to change, because… I want to keep growing with you.

SCOTTY: There is something. You can forgive me.

— David Babcock and Gina Lucita Monreal, “Resolved,” Brothers and Sisters

“After Gina’s first NCIS episode, "Engaged: Part I” aired last fall, Mark Harmon presented her with this beautifully framed still from her show’s opening titles.  Every cast member signed it and wrote a short message of congratulations or welcome.  What a way to make a new writer feel at home!“

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