• Friend:hey are you excited for November? I mean like dude, we get thanksgiving and a few days off from college classes.
  • Me:OMG!! Gilmore girls comes back! November 25th is the new June 3rd!!! Java Junkies!!! Eeeeeeeeeepppppp!!!!
  • Friend:Are you ok--
  • Me:hey. Don't judge! I'm excited okay?! Don't touch me.
  • Friend *walks away ashamed by my actions*

It was recently announced that Washington Depot, Connecticut (the real-life inspiration for Stars Hollow) will be hosting a fan festival in October.  Essentially, they are recreating picturesque Stars Hollow for three days.  Festival events will include a knit-a-thon, coffee at the hardware store, a troubadour wandering the town, and viewings of the pilot and finale episodes.

So in celebration of this dream-come-true (well, for those of us who have a Gilmore Girls podcast, a Gilmore Girls blog, flew to Austin, TX for the reunion, and own more Gilmore Girls mugs than forks) here are my thoughts on all of the books referenced in the pilot episode!