Wing Ficlet

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by GillyPerkyGoth

Dean finds Cas wearing nothing but his wings and jeans.

Words: 2635, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at


We have ONE spot left on our team.  

This is a solid, established team.  We are organized, resourceful and have no shame. 

- Do you have a camera? Does it record video? 
- Do you have resources can you bring to the group?
- Do you have the time to dedicate to the project?
- Do you have Video editing skills or Photoshop skills?
- Do you have special skills or talents?
- Do you have connections or minions to help you?

- Are you prepared to work your ass off and break the chains of the mundane and normal?

Drop me an email at with the title “GISHWHES APPLICATION" 

pamona-perigree replied to your post: remind me, why am I still…

Because you’re secretly hoping the writers will get some kind of clue?

Well, considering season 8 was quite good compared to the forever horrible season 7, I think we still have hope? 1 out of 5 episodes have been terrible so far (9x03, I’m looking at you). 

mycolour replied to your post: remind me, why am I still…

because the fandom is great.

That it sure is

mondegreenscream replied to your post: remind me, why am I still…

Honestly, I don’t know? I love the fandom, but the show has gone downhill.

I really miss the first seasons too :( I love how the characters have developed, but it feels like they are trying to mess that too.

ambersagen replied to your post: remind me, why am I still…

fanfics are better never come back up for air

*hoards all the fanfics*

gillyperkygoth replied to your post: remind me, why am I still…

I know how you feel. I about gave up last season but it still has its moments. And those are worth waiting for even if they’re few and far between.

words of wisdom

lost-somewhere replied to your post: remind me, why am I still…

burry yourself in fan fiction, I have to do so myself pretty soon.

I have so much fan fics in my ask box at the moment that I might just do that