look at this neard with his nerd glasses! XDD

So, Gill (you know, G, my muse on tumblr) obviously has bad eyesight because of his blind eye, so he needs to wear glasses. Though, he only uses them at home if he’s reading something (like here) or writing something, even though he’s supposed to wear them more often. He doesn’t like wearing them, though, because they belonged to Gaster , and you know how touchy he is with this type of stuff.

He has contemplated to getting rid of them but, of course, he doesn’t have the money to buy new ones and he doesn,t want to get rid of the very few things he has of his past lives. Besides, they’re good glasses.

edit: oh yeah, i forgot to say, his apron says (yes he’s cooking) “Put some mean on those bones”. yeah… unimportant but im sure some peeps would like to know

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i drew this like…. a month ago and i forgot to post it here. At this point and time, Rony already loves G but the feeling isn’t mutual right now. However, because they are good friends at this point, really does need emotional support but doesn’t want to get too attached to her because he’s still not over the previous person he loved. I will explain that later as im planning on writing about that, so no spoilers just yet.

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Gill Sans - Poster Design w/ Scamps

This is my poster design for the Typography artist Eric Gill. I have used the theme of the London underground signage for my piece as his Type was used in the London Underground. My colour scheme is Blue, White and Red. This gives is a british feel and follows the theme of London underground.  I have used the full range of the Gill Sans Family with a range of font sizes, line space and kerning. I like this design because I think the theme is obvious and it works well. I would change the T(ypography artist) part if I were to re-visit this again.