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I was tagged by @theuncertainhour and tbh i haven’t written that many fics but here are the ones I’m proudest of, even going back to my ffn days (eek!)…

A Single Soul (Scott & Bailey, Gill/Julie)

‘I had to be here,’ Julie says, her voice quiet and breaking.  You nod and your lip trembles.  ‘I had to make sure you were ok.  I had to touch you to make sure that you were really there.’

I’ve only managed twice in my fic-writing life to just magic a fic into existence.  It seemed to write itself and I barely edited it at all.  Anyway, this ship is my original otp and this fic was my way of finally processing 3x08, like a year and a half after the episode aired.

Wooden Floors, Walls, and Windowsills (Home Fires, Alison/Teresa)

You watch her walk away. She turns back with a huge smile and a wave just before she disappears from view. And, just like that, she’s gone again. It’s just you and Boris and the deafening silence.

This was written for the Home Fires Fic Exchange for the prompt ‘Falling in love slowly. Alison’s POV. Confused feelings. S2 canon (fix-it fic).’  I had great fun writing this and I love these characters so much and canon was horrible to them so let’s just believe they lived happily ever after.

Plus Ça Change, Plus C'est La Même Chose (Holby City, Bernie/Serena)

I won’t put a snippet here bc it’s only 192 words long.  Don’t be put off by the title, it’s in English!  I spent a lot of time thinking about Serena’s grief-induced erratic behaviour and came up with this, Bernie seeing different sides of her.

Under Attack (Holby City, Bernie/Serena)

Bernie is being attacked from all sides by children with water pistols and all she has to defend herself with is one that leaks and has a measly jet. Serena may have had a hand in that - she let the kids have first pick while Bernie was changing into her rather fetching navy blue swimsuit, a colour not unlike her scrubs.

This is also Berena, but this time I just IGNORED CANON and wrote about one of the things I am very much passionate about: Berena mothering the Fletchlings.  Basically, they have the Fletchlings to stay overnight in the summer.  There are water pistols, cuddles, fluffy moments, moments where Serena could burst with pride at how good Bernie is with the kids.  This was my favourite one to write even though it took a lot of effort.

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Scott and Bailey and the Totally Serious Police Department


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