Gil Kane


For the most part comic books provide an escape. But the really good ones merely spotlight the harshness of reality. Instead of leading us on, telling us everything’s gonna be all right, these comics tell us the truth about ourselves. That we’re hopeless beings looking for meaning in this unfair world, and we’ll probably never find it.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #122 (July 1973)
Art by Gil Kane (pencils), John Romita Sr. (inks) & Dave Hunt (colors)
Words by Gerry Conway


Eight original hand-painted color guides (including the last five climactic pages) from one of the most famous Spider-Man comics of all time, The Amazing Spider-Man #121, featuring the death of Gwen Stacy. Art by Gil Kane (pencils), John Romita, Sr. and Tony Mortellaro (inks) and David Hunt (watercolors), published by Marvel Comics, June 1973.