Gil Gunderson


Springfield Cemetery’s Finest Epitaphs  - Fun Filled Frightfest insert

Looks like Smithers got that eternal reward after all, eh? Either that, it was some lever jockey from the power plant who didn’t review the fine print before signing their business contract.

Though the “Servants Entrance in Rear” sign is probably a double entendre as usual surrounding jokes concerning Burns. Smithers couldn’t be more proud and intrigued.

“At the age of six, Gil was hired by his eight-year-old brother to run his sidewalk lemonade stand for the afternoon. By the end of the day, he had bankrupted his brother’s business and drank up all the remaining inventory. Since then, Gil has managed to hold down only one job for longer then a few days. He kept his job at Red Blazer Reality for over twenty years by selling his own house to himself several thousand times. Eventually, the house was destroyed in the Great Springfield Flood of ‘99, and with no other sales prospects, he was fired.”

— Gil Gunderson is a Man of the Times (via)